Schreiben (To Write) German Verb Conjugations

Tenses of the German Verb Schreiben

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The German verb schreiben is a strong (irregular) verb meaning "to write." It also means to type and to spell. If you are taking a German class, you will soon be introduced to it complete your assignments.

In addition, schreiben can take on several meanings in idiomatic expressions. For instance, schreiben can be used to say "it is the year...," as in Wir schreiben das Jahr 1550. ("We are in/It is the year 1550.").

See other idiomatic examples in the conjugation chart below. 

Because schreiben is an irregular verb, you will need to memorize how to conjugate all of the tenses for it as it doesn't follow a strict rule as would a regular verb. Here is how the German verb schreiben is conjugated in for present tense, simple past tense, compound past tense, and past perfect tense, both singular and plural.

How to Conjugate Schreiben

Principal Parts: schreiben • schrieb • geschrieben
Imperative (Commands): (du) Schreib(e)! | (ihr) Schreibt! | Schreiben Sie!  

Schreiben - Present Tense - Präsens

Singular Present Tense
ich schreibeI write
I am writing
du schreibstyou write
you are writing
er schreibt
sie schreibt
es schreibt
he writes
he is writing
she writes
she is writing
it writes
it is writing
Plural Present Tense
wir schreibenwe write
we are writing
ihr schreibtyou (guys) write
you (guys) are writing
sie schreibenthey write
they are writing
Sie schreibenyou write
you are writing

Idiomatic Examples for Schreiben

Wir schreiben das Jahr 1550. It is the year 1550.
Sage und schreibe! Believe it or not!
Wie schreibt sich das? How is that spelled?
Schreiben Sie sich das hinter die Ohren! Take that to heart!

Schreiben - Simple Past Tense - Imperfekt

Singular Simple Past Tense
ich schriebI wrote
du schriebstyou wrote
er schrieb
sie schrieb
es schrieb
he wrote
she wrote
it wrote
Plural Simple Past Tense
wir schriebenwe wrote
ihr schriebtyou (guys) wrote
sie schriebenthey wrote
Sie schriebenyou wrote

Schreiben - Compound Past Tense (Present Perfect) -  Perfekt

Singular Compound Past Tense
ich habe geschriebenI have written
I wrote
du hast geschriebenyou have written
you wrote
er hat geschrieben
sie hat geschrieben
es hat geschrieben
he has written
he wrote
she has written
she wrote
it has written
it wrote
Plural Compound Past Tense
wir haben geschriebenwe have written
we wrote
ihr habt geschriebenyou (guys) have written
you wrote
sie haben geschriebenthey have written
they wrote
Sie haben geschriebenyou have written
you wrote

Schreiben - Past Perfect Tense -  Plusquamperfekt

Singular Past Perfect Tense
ich hatte geschriebenI had written
du hattest geschriebenyou had written
er hatte geschrieben
sie hatte geschrieben
es hatte geschrieben
he had written
she had written
it had written
Plural Past Perfect Tense
wir hatten geschriebenwe had written
ihr hattet geschriebenyou (guys) had written
sie hatten geschriebenthey had written
Sie hatten geschriebenyou had written