The Best Websites for Children and Teens Learning German

Play games, browse and sing German with your kids online

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The internet can be a great tool to help your kids learn the German language

Here are some fun and educational online games and resources for children, teenagers and for the young at heart.

A Kids' Search Engine in German Explore different topics auf Deutsch in a child-friendly format. This website offers resources organized by age. Here, you'll find news, videos, games and even a fun random search button that pulls up a surprising array of fun topics for your kids to read and listen to. 

Educational Games 

Hello World offers more than 600 free games and activities online in German. The list is long, from songs to German Bingo, tic-tac-toe, and puzzles. Fun matching games with audio are appropriate even for the youngest and newest learners. has activities for slightly older learners, like German classics like hangman, more educational spelling games and creative games like a rockslide game where you have to click on a falling rock and then answer a question quickly. Best of all, everything is free. offers games and different exercises on different school subjects, so you children can apply their foreign language to different areas of study.

German Folk and Children's Songs is a website with many German songs for kids, complete with English and German lyrics so you can sing along with. If you grew up in Germany, you will find this website so melancholic! 

More Information and Links 

Kinderweb ( is organized by age. It features games, stories, and links to many other websites that may interest young learners. Everything is in German, of course. 

Great For Pre-Teens is an educational site that walks children through different topics (nature and animals, history, sports, technology) in German. Kids can even submit questions to be answered and take quizzes on what they have learned. It's interactive and keeps you coming back for more. is best for intermediate level and up. This website contains short video reports (with a written report) on various subjects, such as science, animals, and music. 

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