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Germany printables
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A Brief History of Germany

Germany has a rich and varied history that dates back to Germanic tribes prior to the Roman Empire. During its history, the country has rarely been united. Even the Roman Empire was only able to control portions of the country.

In 1871, Otto von Bismark succeeded in uniting the country by force and through political alliances. In the late 19th century, Germany became involved in tensions and conflicts with other countries. These tensions eventually led to World War I. 

Germany, along with its allies, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria, was defeated by the Allied forces, France, Britain, the United States, Russia, and Italy.

By 1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party had risen to power in Germany. Hitler's invasion of Poland led to World War II.

After Germany was defeated in World War II, it was divided into four allied occupation zones, creating East Germany, controlled by the Soviet Union, and West Germany, controlled by the United States, Great Britain, and France. 

 In 1961, the Berlin Wall was built creating a physical division of the country and its capital city, Berlin. The wall would remain in place until 1989, wen it was finally removed. The reunification of Germany followed in 1990.

On October 3rd, 2010, Germany celebrated the 20th anniversary of East and West Germany reunification.

The Geography of Germany

Germany is located in central Europe and is bordered by nine countries, more than any other country. Its neighbors are:

  • France
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Luxemburg
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Austria
  • Netherlands

Germany's geographical features include borders with the North Sea and the Baltic Sea.

The country features a large forested area near its border with Switzerland called the Black Forrest. It is in this forest that one of Europe's longest rivers, the Danube, begins. The Black Forest is also one of Germany's 97 nature reserves.

Fun Facts About Germany

Did you know these other fun facts about Germany?

  • It is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.
  • Before it was replaced by the Euro in 1999, Germany's currency was the Deutsche Mark. 
  • Germany is the birthplace of such famous composers as Bach, Brahms, Schumann, Wagner, and Beethoven.
  • The brilliant physicist, Albert Einstein, was born in Germany. He, along with more than 100 other Germans, was awarded a Nobel Prize.
  • Germany is one of the largest car producers in the world, manufacturing cars such as Volkswagen, Porsche, and BMW.
  • Oktoberfest began in Germany in 1810.
  • Germany is home to about 20,000 castles!
  • Germany has 16 states.
  • It was the first country to adopt Daylight Savings Time.

Use the following free printable worksheets to learn even more about Germany!

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Germany Vocabulary

Germany Vocabulary Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Vocabulary Sheet

Introduce your children to Germany with this vocabulary sheet featuring terms related to the country. Use an atlas, a dictionary, or the Internet to look up each term to determine how it relates to Germany. Then, fill in the blank lines next to each definition or description with the correct word.

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Germany Wordsearch

Germany Wordsearch. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Word Search

In this activity, students will review terms associated with Germany by locating them in the word search. Ask your students what they remember about each term as they complete the puzzle.

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Germany Crossword Puzzle

Germany Crossword Puzzle. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Crossword Puzzle

This crossword puzzle activity provides another opportunity for students to review the facts they've learned about Germany. Each clue describes one of the terms previously defined. If your children have trouble remembering the terms or are confused by unfamiliar spelling, encourage them to refer to their completed vocabulary sheet.

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Germany Challenge

Germany Challenge Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Challenge

Challenge your student's memory regarding facts about Germany. Print this worksheet that offers four multiple choice options for each definition or description.Students should circle the correct answer for each.

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Germany Alphabet Activity

Germany Worksheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Alphabet Activity 

Younger students can use this activity to review facts about Germany while practicing their alphabetizing skills. Instruct students to write each term from the word bank in correct alphabetical order on the blank lines.

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Germany Vocabulary Study Sheet

Germany Vocabulary Study Sheet. Beverly Hernandez

Print the pdf: Germany Vocabulary Study Sheet 

See how well your students remember facts about Germany with this matching vocabulary sheet. Students will draw a line from each word to its correct definition.

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