How to Get a Job as an Online High School Teacher

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Teaching online high school courses can be a full-time profession or a rewarding way to supplement your income. New online high schools start up every year, and qualified online teachers are in high demand. Typically, virtual instructors are expected to monitor students in several courses, grade assignments, interact through message boards or emails, and be available when students have questions. The curriculum for online high school classes is often pre-determined by the school and online teachers are generally expected to follow a particular syllabus for each course.

How to Qualify for Positions Teaching High School Online

Online charter schools are publicly funded and must follow some state and federal guidelines. Generally, online teachers hired by charter schools must have a valid teaching credential for the state the school is based in. Private and college-sponsored schools have more flexibility in hiring, but they also tend to favor online teachers with credentials or an impressive work history. The best online high school teachers usually have classroom teaching experience, technological competency, and excellent written communication skills.

Where to Find Online High School Teaching Jobs

If you want to become an online high school teacher, start by looking for jobs locally. Contact the online charter schools in your district to see if they are hiring, send in your resume, and be prepared for an in-person interview.

Next, take a look at online high schools that enroll students in multiple states. Large online charter and private schools generally accept applications through the internet. Programs such as K12 and Connections Academy have streamlined application processes. Finally, try applying individually to smaller online private schools throughout the nation. Some of these programs offer online job information; others require potential employees to research the appropriate contact info and make a few phone calls.

How to Stand Out as a Potential Online High School Teacher

Your application probably won’t be the only one sitting on the principal’s desk. Stand out from the crowd by emphasizing your teaching experience and your ability to work in an online environment.

During the application process, keep deadlines and respond to phone calls and emails promptly. Keep emails professional but not overly formal or stuffy. Resolve any technical problems (such as email attachment issues or difficulty accessing online application materials) quickly. Since ​online teaching jobs are all about virtual communication, consider every interaction with the school an opportunity to prove yourself.

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