Should I Get an MBA Degree Online?

Online MBA Degree Overview

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Who Earns an Online MBA Degree?

If you have been thinking about getting your MBA degree online, you are not alone. The distance learning MBA has become a popular option for business professionals who do not have the time or desire to sit in a classroom for hours at a time. More than one in four higher education students now take at least one course online.

Types of Online MBA Degree Programs

There are two basic types of online MBA degree programs:

  • All-Online Programs - These MBA programs make 100% of course materials available online. Students who are enrolled in an all-online program are never required to attend a campus-based classroom
  • Combination Programs - These MBA programs combine distance learning with classroom learning. Some courses can be taken online; others must be completed on campus.

Most Popular Online MBA Degree Programs

Some of the most popular online MBA degree programs (based on the number of students who enroll each year - not the quality of the program) include the University of Phoenix online MBA program, the Edinburgh Business School online MBA program, and the U21 Global online MBA program. Read more about these programs and other popular online MBA degree programs.

Pros and Cons of Getting an MBA Degree Online

There are many pros and cons of getting a degree online. Pros include convenience, flexibility, and cost. Online MBA degree programs allow you to study at any time from anywhere. Costs can also be easier to handle because there is no need to commute or quit your job. Cons include the stigma and a lack of face-to-face networking opportunities. Although most employers are accepting of online degrees, there are some who prefer employees who were educated in a campus-based program. Read more about Earning an MBA degree online.

Getting Accepted to an Online MBA Degree Program

The answer to this question can vary depending on the school you apply to. Some schools, such as the University of Phoenix, have an inclusive approach which means that nearly everyone who applies can get accepted. Other schools, such as Warwick or Columbia Business School, maintain the same rigorous acceptance standards for all of their MBA programs--whether they are online or campus-based. Read more about MBA program admissions.

Online MBA Degree Program Costs

The cost of online MBA degree programs can also vary wildly depending on the program you enroll in. Tuition and fees can range from as little as $3,000 per year to as much as $30,000 per year or more. A higher price tag does not always equal a better education--some schools simply charge more than others. The key is to find an online MBA degree program that is accredited so that you are eligible for scholarships, low-interest student loans, and other types of financial aid. You may also be able to receive tuition reimbursement from your employer to offset costs of both online and on-campus programs. Find out how to get the boss to pay for your MBA degree.