Where to Get a Canadian Income Tax Package

Get a Canadian Income Tax Package - Online, by Mail, by Phone or in Person

Finding a Canadian Income Tax Package. Hero Images / Getty Images

Updated: 01/10/2015

When filing your Canadian income taxes, use the income tax package for the province or territory in which you resided on December 31 of the previous year. The tax package includes an information guide, a return (form), schedules (more forms), a federal tax worksheet, and a provincial tax worksheet.

Note: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) no longer automatically mails you a paper income tax package.

Here's how to get a 2014 Canadian income tax package.

1. Online - Download and Print the Package - Select your province or territory. The forms are in PDF. Deemed residents and non-residents of Canada in 2014 should select 2014 Income Tax and Benefit Package (for non-residents and deemed residents of Canada).

2. Order a Printed Package Online - Select the forms and publications you need, and fill in the order form online to have the CRA mail you printed copies. The order form is available starting January 6, 2015, but ordered packages will not be mailed until February 2, 2015.

3. Order a Tax Package by Phone - In Canada and the United States call 1-800-959-8281 during business hours. From outside Canada and the United States call 1-613-940-8495 (collect calls should be accepted). You can order packages beginning January 6, 2015, but the CRA will not start mailing until February 2, 2015.

4. Pick up a Tax Package in Person - The income tax forms and general guide should be available at postal outlets and Service Canada offices starting February 2, 2015.

5. If you're behind on your taxes, you can also download income tax packages from previous years from the CRA.

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