How to Get Free Tickets to the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Show

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Jimmy Kimmel is an American television comedian and writer best known as a host and executive producer for his popular show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The late-night talk show first premiered on ABC in 2003 and has aired at least 14 seasons and 2,694 episodes since. Fans of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" show can get free tickets by following the simple instructions below.

Although obtaining tickets to the show is a simple process, getting them or making a reservation to a Jimmy Kimmel taping can sometimes take a long time. In the case of some shows, it can take months or years.

How to Get Free Tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  1. People looking to obtain tickets can visit the Jimmy Kimmel Live's ticket request page on to submit a request. Then, you will need to register at to request tickets. Once registered, up to four tickets to the program can be requested, which includes the person requesting and their guests that are 18 years and older.
  2. Individuals can then select the date they would like to see the show by scrolling through the ticket ribbon. Open dates are marked as such, but for many, there will be a waitlist. Ticket requesters can join the waitlist, but they can only request up to two tickets.
  3. If a request can be filled, the person who requested tickets will be notified by e-mail, usually within two weeks.
  4. When you receive the tickets, you will be asked to arrive early, specifically about 45 minutes before taping. It is recommended that those attending the show should make sure that they factor-in extra time for traffic, parking, and security. The show tapes at the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Studio at the address 6840 Hollywood Blvd, in Hollywood, California.
  1. Tickets may be requested every six weeks.

Tips for Attending the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Show in Hollywood, California

  1. Ticket holders will have the chance to see Jimmy’s Indoor Mini-Concert prior to taping.
  2. Early arrival is recommended for guests, with an arrival time of 30–45 minutes before the taping time.
  3. Identification is required to gain admittance, and all attendees must be 18 and older to attend. Individuals should plan to go through a metal detector and have their bags checked.
  4. The show has a dress code, called nice casual, which is to say comfortable but a bit dressy, as if going to dinner at a good restaurant. Dress jeans are considered fine, but the following is not allowed: solid white shirts, shorts, baseball hats, elaborate patterns, or large logos. If a guest is determined to be dressed inappropriately, they will not be allowed in the studio.
  5. No digital or video cameras, pagers, books or food are allowed. However, attendees can check them at the door and pick them up on their way out. Otherwise, it is recommended for guests to leave them in the car when attending the show.
  6. Cell phones are allowed to be brought into the studio, but they must be powered down upon entering.