How to Get Your GED Records

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Every state in the U.S. has official GED records of everyone who earned a GED in that state. Whether you need a copy of your own GED recordsĀ or want to verify that a job applicant truly earned a GED, here are the steps to take:

  1. Determine in which state the GED credential was earned;
  2. Check the state's education website to determine that state's requirements for records requests;
  3. Get authorization from the GED holder. Most states require:
    • Full name and all past last names
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security Number (some require only last four digits)
    • Date of request
    • Signature of GED holder
    • FAX number or address where verification is to be sent
  1. Send required information by whichever means the state requests (some have online request forms, but all require the GED holder's signature);

The turnaround time in many states is only 24 hours, but make requests as early as possible.

Remember that the only information that will be sent is verification that an official credential was earned and the date on which it was earned. For protection of privacy, no scores are provided.

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