Get Started in Radio

Person on radio at station
Zero Creatives / Getty Images

Getting a job in Radio is more who you know than what you know. Trust me when I tell you the following information plays out very often.

The first thing to do is identify the radio station (or stations) you want to work at. Call the Programming Director or Promotion Director and tell them you'd like to volunteer or be a non-paid intern. If the first station doesn't need or want anyone, call the next one.

Don't give up just because the station like you the most isn't interested. You can't afford (yet!) to be picky.

Once someone agrees, learn everything you can. Really! It doesn't matter if it's programming or promotion, learn it all. When an opening does happen (even if it's rare), the bosses will learn inward before looking outside the station. This applies to being available at the drop of a hat, too. Whether someone calls in sick, just doesn't show up for their shift, anything. You should try to be the one that is the most reliable. Your skills and reliability will help impress the folks that hire and fire. Most of all, continue to be patient.


  1. Be willing to do anything and "learn the ropes." No job is too small.
  2. Be patient. Sometimes positions do not turn over quickly. On the other hand, at certain Radio stations - those less successful - the place might be a "revolving door". Good for you!
  1. Be on time. Don't complain. Thank people for the opportunity to learn and help out.
  2. Dress according to the standards of the Radio station.
  3. While interning, read about Radio, surf the Net and keep up with the news of Radio.