Getting to Know Your College Professors

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You may be totally intimidated by your professors, or you may be eager to meet them but not know what to do first. It's important to remember, however, that most professors are professors because they like teaching and interacting with college students. Knowing how to get to know your college professors might just end up being one of the most rewarding skills you learn during your time in school.

Go to Class Every Day

Many students underestimate the importance of this. True, in a lecture hall of 500 students, your professor may not notice if you're not there. But if you are, your face will become familiar if you can make yourself noticed a bit.

Turn In Your Assignments on Time

You don't want your professor to notice you because you're always asking for extensions and turning things in late. True, he or she will get to know you, but probably not in the way you want.

Ask Questions and Engage in Class Discussion

This can be an easy way to have your professor get to know your voice, face, and name. Of course, only ask questions if you have a legitimate question (versus asking one just for the sake of asking) and contribute if you have something to say. Chances are, however, that you have plenty to add to a class and can use that to your advantage.

Go to Your Professor's Office Hours

Stop in to ask for help with your homework, ask for advice on your research paper, ask your professor's opinion about some of the research he is doing, or on the book they're talked about writing. You can even stop in to invite him or her to your poetry slam next week! While you may at first think there's nothing to talk to a professor about, there are, in fact, lots of things you can discuss with your professors. And having a one-on-one conversation is perhaps the best way to start to build a connection!

See Your Professor Speak

Go to an event where your professor is speaking or to a meeting for a club or organization your professor advises. Your professor is most likely involved in things on campus other than just your class. Go hear him or her lecture and stay afterward to ask a question or thank them for the speech.

Ask to Sit In on Another of Your Professor's Classes

If you're trying to get to know your professor—for a research opportunity, for advice, or just because he or she seems really engaging—you most likely are interested in similar things. If they teach other classes that you might want to take, ask your professor if you can sit in on one of them this semester. It will indicate your interest in the field; additionally, it will lead to a conversation about why you're interested in the class, what your academic goals are while you're at school, and what interested you in the topic in the first place.

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