Getting Government Assistance Without Grants

Part 1: Most help to individuals does not require a grant

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You need help, but after reading Federal Grants - No Free Lunch, you may have decided that a U.S. government grant is not the way to get it. But, do not give up, because most government assistance to individuals comes from sources other than grants. Here you will find resources and articles to assist you in getting the help you need.

What do you need?
In each of the following categories of need, sources of federal and local assistance will be suggested.

Please note that the names of the local agencies and officials suggested are merely examples and will vary from city-to-city. Always check your phone book under "Government Pages" for names and numbers in your city or county.

Top Federal Benefit and Assistance Programs
There are federal government benefit programs available to help with many other life situations and needs. Here are the Top 10 and even more benefit and assistance programs.

Tip: Always Look at Home First
No matter what kind of assistance you need, always look locally first. The fastest and easiest-to-get sources of help are often found at your city hall, county offices, local colleges, hospitals, churches, large corporations and private foundations.
Many of these local organizations receive federal and state grants to assist citizens in need.

About Personal Debt
There are no federal assistance programs for paying off personal debt. Instead, you need to seek the assistance of a debt counselor at a local bank or savings and loan. About Credit and Debt Management site can also help you out.