How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person?

Shadow people attacking a man
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Question: How Do I Get Rid of a Shadow Person?

"Could you please tell me how to get the shadow person out of my home?" writes Crystal S.

Answer: How do you get a shadow person out of your home? Turn on the light. Ba-boom-ching!

But seriously, folks... In order to get rid of something we first have to know what we're dealing with. For example, if you had either ants or squirrels invading your home, an exterminator would deal with them in entirely different ways.

So first it would be very helpful to know exactly what a shadow person is. Unfortunately, no one knows. In fact, although there are many reported sightings of such things, we have not been able to actually verify that they are real.

Let's say that they are real... What are they? Theories include: ghosts, interdimensional beings, time travelers and demons. And like the exterminator example, each would be dealt with in a different manner.

If they are interdimensional beings or time travelers, there may not be much we can do to get rid of them because they would presumably have their own agendas and reasons for showing up. Why would they leave just because we wanted them to? Who knows what they're up to, if anything? I should add that these two possibilities are rather remote.

If they are demons... well, they're not demons. I don't believe in demons so I won't even go there. Don't call an exorcist; the energy that interaction generates often makes matters worse, not better.

Most researchers suspect that shadow people, if they are really there, are a manifestation of a ghost or haunting. If it's a residual haunting -- a non-intelligent "recording" on the environment -- one way to possibly get rid of it is to alter the envirnonment in some way. (But why would you want to?

A residual haunting is pretty cool! And harmless.)

If it's an intelligent haunting -- a true spirit that seems to behave and react in a way that indicates it has awareness -- then there are some things you can try to make it go away. And for those suggestions I turn to renowned ghost hunter and paranormal researcher Loyd Auerbach, who in his book Ghost Hunting: How To Investigate the Paranormal, offers these:

  • Ignore the ghost. "Like most people," Loyd writes, "apparitions probably go away when ignored." Sometimes, however, this backfires and the ghostly activity increases because the spirit wants more attention.
  • Use humor. Since fear is your biggest enemy in these cases, try injecting some light humor. "Most people have a sense of humor," says Loyd, "including the dead ones."
  • Listen and learn. Perhaps the spirit is trying to tell you something or communicate. Try to find out what that might be and do your best to resolve it.
  • Tell the ghost to leave. This tactic very often works quite well, "especially when the time is taken to explain how and why having her stick around bothers bothers everyone and increases their stress. Like most living people, most ghosts are reasonable," Loyd advises. This might even work in the case that the entities are interdimensional beings or time travelers; if they're aweare of you, they might listen.

    The advice in Loyd's book is more detailed and thorough than what I have extracted here, so I recommend taking a deeper look. One important factor he stresses is that you do not try to do this alone. Get some help, preferably from someone who has some real experience in these matters.

    And if you determine that your shadow person really is just ordinary shadows... adjust your lighting.