Getting Sponsored for Skateboarding Without Sponsor Me Videos

You don't NEED to make a Sponsor Me video

Katie Brady/flickr/CC BY 2.0
A lot of skaters dream of getting sponsored for skateboarding. The pride, the attention, the free gear, and the stamp of approval - these can all feel great. I have piles of info available on getting sponsored for skateboarding, but I wanted to give another perspective. The following is from the mother of two sponsored skaters who got where they are without self-promotion:

I have two kids who are both sponsored "flow" riders for top skate companies, if you skateboard you know the term.

They are also sponsored by our local skate shop. They really didn’t do anything the this article suggested.

First, they truly love to skate, because of that, they know many skaters, they hang out at skate parks and they have many friends in the local "skate scene", skate park owners, reps etc. If you truly love to skate you will eventually have these connections in your local skate community. The potential sponsors will come to you. This is what sponsors are looking for, skaters who are not out to just be sponsored for their own benefits, but skaters who live & breathe skating and will represent their companies.

Our local skate shop has 9 stores throughout Florida, the owner gets hundreds of "sponsor me" videos weekly. He approached my two sons not because they nagged him "sponsor me" or gave him any type skate video or package. They never asked what’s in it for them, they just truly presented and loved to skate regardless.

Are you good enough to enter a competition & win it or really stand out? If so enter a local contest, skate company/shops reps be there, they will see you and be impressed. Just skate and have a blast, when a rep approaches you it will be because he has heard about you, has seen you at a park or skate spot, he has seen YouTube footage and/or because you have won contests.

Till this day neither of my two sons has made a "sponsor me" tape, there is plenty of footage of them around, they have been featured in skate videos, the local skate parks have footage from competitions, etc. Also, there are always filmers around, if you truly skate and are in the skate scene, you know a filmer, you don’t have to go looking for one... it’s word of mouth and passion. That’s the truth. What’s in it for them, the sponsor? They are not out to give you free gear for nothing or pay your hotel & registration fee for a contest if you have no skills, sorry. You have to be good enough to represent.

Just have fun and progress in your skating, if tomorrow my kids lost their sponsors, they’ll still be out there skating, being sponsored is just a perk.