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Introduction to Scanning

So, you just got that brand new scanner hooked up & you're anxious to get started... wait! There's a few things you need to take into consideration before you do. Will you be printing the image, putting it on a Web page, or sharing them with friends via e-mail? Is there a chance you might want to edit the image at a later time?

By answering a few questions before you even switch on the scanner, you could save yourself a lot of frustration.

The following pages contain basic suggestions and guidelines for anyone who's just getting started with scanning, along with links to related Web pages where you can explore the topic further.

How to calculate image dimensions for screen display.

Part 2: Saving Your Scans
The best formats to use for the Web, and how to save images for further editing.

Understanding dpi, ppi, and resolution, including a reference chart for scanning resolution.

More About Digital Imaging and Scanning

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"A handy rule of thumb is: for desktop printers (inkjets, lasers) use a PPI equivalent to around one-third the printer resolution." ~[EFX1

"Always keep in mind what you are going to be using the scan for and plan for it. You will get a better scan than if you scan it at 4x6 and then say print 8x10." ~COMPUTERCREA

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