Getting Through the Winter Months in Your Classroom

10 Tips for Surviving the Winter

The winter months can be filled with cold, dreary days, impatient students, and some pesky germs. If you live on the East coast then you (as well as your students) live for the snow days just because it helps break up those long winter days. Aside from the cooped up, impatient children, and germs that you just can't seem to get out of your classroom, you notice your students are having that mid-year slump and are bored with your classroom lessons already. 

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Beat Those Pesky Germs in the Classroom

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According to research 1 in 3 students will get a cold about four times a year. It's no wonder you have all of those germs in your classroom! So, what can you do about it? A lot! This article will give you tips on what parents can do at home (so their kids won't bring germs into the classroom) as well as what you can do in the classroom.

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Keeping Healthy in the Classroom

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Practicing good hygiene in your classroom will help keep your students clean and healthy. Here are a few activities that you can do in your classroom to help students understand about maintaining good hygiene, as well as how to keep those germs out!

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Be Ready for an Unexpected Sick Day

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Are you prepared for an unexpected sick day? The winter months are the time of year when you will see a lot of colds, and most likely get a few yourself. You must be ready for this! Here are a few tips to help you be prepared so that when you are home resting, you won't be filled with anxiety about what your substitute teacher is doing in your classroom.

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Combat Teacher Burnout Before It's Too Late

Teacher Burnout
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After Christmas break many teachers feel the wrath of the mid-year burnout. There is no denying that teaching is a stressful job, so being able to deal with your stress is extremely important in order to continue the school year. Here are 10 ways to combat teacher burnout.

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Take a Daily Brain Break

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It's cold outside which means less time to take the students outdoors. It's important to give your students a daily "brain break" in five minute intervals throughout the school day. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that.

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Make Learning Fun

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The winter months are the perfect time to make learning fun again! Create fun experiments, hands-on learning activities, and go on fun virtual field trips! Here are a few more ideas on how to make learning fun in your classroom.

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Mindful Meditation Exercises

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Mindful meditation can improve your health and make you feel stress-free! The dark, dreary winter months can make anyone feel down in the dumps! Use these mindful mediation exercises daily to make you feel less anxious, and more focused for yourself as well as your students.

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Practicing Yoga in the Classroom

yoga in the classroom
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Classrooms all over the nation are reaping the benefits of classroom yoga. The winter months are the perfect time to introduce this wonderful practice into your daily curriculum. Not only will you find that your students feel better, but you will too! Here are a few ideas on how you can get started today.

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Celebrate the 100th Day of School

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During mid January - February you should hit the 100th day of school mark. Celebrate this day with your students by partaking in a few fun activities that incorporate the number 100. Here are a few ideas.

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Partake in Fun Book Activities

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Have you ever heard of the saying "I want to just curl up by the fire with a good book?" Winter is the perfect time to get your students reading! Here are 20 book-related activities for you to try.