American Civil War: Gettysburg - Union Order of Battle

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Major General George G. Meade. Photograph Courtesy of the National Archives & Records Administration

Army of the Potomac

Major General George G. Meade

General Staff and Headquarters


  • Chief of Staff: Major General Daniel Butterfield (wounded)
  • Assistant Adjutant General: Brigadier General Seth Williams
  • Assistant Inspector General: Colonel Edmund Schriver
  • Chief Quartermaster: Brigadier General Rufus Ingalls
  • Commissaries and Subsistence: Colonel Henry F. Clarke
  • Chief of Artillery: Brigadier General Henry J. Hunt
  • Chief Ordnance Officer: Captain Daniel W. Flagler
  • Chief Signal Officer: Captain Lemuel B. Norton
  • Medical Director: Major Jonathan Letterman
  • Chief of Engineers: Brigadier General Gouverneur K. Warren
  • Bureau of Military Information: Colonel George H. Sharpe

General Headquarters:

Command of the Provost Marshal General: Brigadier General Marsena R. Patrick

  • 93rd New York: Colonel John S. Crocker
  • 8th United States (8 companies): Captain Edwin W. H. Read
  • 2nd Pennsylvania Cavalry: Colonel R. Butler Price
  • 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Companies E&I): Captain James Starr
  • Regular Cavalry (detachments from 1st, 2nd, 5th, & 6th US Cavalry)

Guards and Orderlies:

  • Oneida (New York) Cavalry: Captain Daniel P. Mann

Engineer Brigade: Brigadier General Henry W. Benham

  • 15th New York (3 companies): Major Walter L. Cassin
  • 50th New York: Colonel William H. Pettes
  • US Battalion: Captain George H. Mendell

I Corps

Major General John Reynolds (killed)

Major General Abner Doubleday

Major General John Newton

General Headquarters:

  • 1st Maine Cavalry, Company L: Captain Constantine Taylor


  • First Division - Major General James Wadsworth
    • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Solomon Meredith
      • 19th Indiana: Colonel Samuel J. Williams (wounded), Lt. Colonel William W. Dudley (wounded), Major John M. Lindley (wounded)
      • 24th Michigan: Colonel Henry A. Morrow (wounded), Lt. Colonel Mark Flanigan (wounded), Major Edwin B. Wight (wounded), Captain Albert M. Edwards
      • 2nd Wisconsin: Colonel Lucius Fairchild (wounded/captured), Lt. Colonel George H. Stevens (mortally wounded), Major John Mansfield (wounded), Captain George H. Otis
      • 6th Wisconsin: Lt. Colonel Rufus R. Dawes, Major John F. Hauser
      • 7th Wisconsin: Colonel William W. Robinson, Lt. Colonel John B. Callis (wounded/captured), Major Mark Finnicum (wounded)
    • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Lysander Cutler
      • 7th Indiana: Colonel Ira G. Grover
      • 76th New York: Major Andrew J. Grover (killed), Captain John E. Cook
      • 84th New York (14th Militia): Colonel Edward B. Fowler
      • 95th New York: Colonel George H. Biddle (wounded), Lt. Colonel James B. Post, Major Edward Pye
      • 147th New York: Lt. Colonel Francis C. Miller (wounded), Major George Harney
      • 56th Pennsylvania (9 companies): Colonel John W. Hofmann
    • Second Division - Brigadier General John C. Robinson
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Gabriel R. Paul (wounded),  Colonel Samuel H. Leonard (wounded), Colonel Adrian R. Root (wounded & captured), Colonel Richard Coulter (wounded), Colonel Peter Lyle
        • ​16th Maine: Colonel Charles W. Tilden (captured), Lt. Colonel Augustus B. Farnham
        • 13th Massachusetts: Colonel Samuel H. Leonard, Lt. Colonel Nathaniel W. Batchelder, Major Jacob P. Gould
        • 94th New York: Colonel Adrian R. Root, Major Samuel A. Moffett
        • 104th New York: Colonel Gilbert G. Prey
        • 107th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel James M. Thomson (wounded), Captain Emanuel D. Roath
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Henry Baxter
        • 12th Massachusetts: Colonel James L. Bates (wounded), Lt. Colonel David Allen, Jr.
        • 83rd New York (9th Militia): Lt. Colonel Joseph A. Moesch
        • 97th New York: Colonel Charles Wheelock, Lt. Colonel John P. Spofford (captured), Major Charles Northrup
        • 11th Pennsylvania: Colonel Richard Coulter, Captain Benjamin F. Haines, Captain John B. Overmyer
        • 88th Pennsylvania: Major Benezet F. Foust (wounded), Captain Henry Whiteside
        • 90th Pennsylvania: Colonel Peter Lyle, Major Alfred J. Sellers
    • Third Division - Major General Abner Doubleday, Brigadier General Thomas A. Rowley
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Thomas Rowley, Colonel Chapman Biddle
        • 80th New York (20th Militia): Colonel Theodore B. Gates
        • 121st Pennsylvania: Colonel Chapman Biddle, Major Alexander Biddle
        • 142nd Pennsylvania: Colonel Robert P. Cummins (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel Alfred B. McCalmont, Major Horatio N. Warren
        • 151st Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel George F. McFarland (wounded), Captain Walter L. Owens, Colonel Harrison Allen
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Roy Stone (wounded), Colonel Langhorne Wister (wounded), Colonel Edmund L. Dana
        • 143rd Pennsylvania: Colonel Edmund L. Dana, Lt. Colonel John D. Musser (wounded)
        • 149th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Walton Dwight (wounded), Captain James Glenn
        • 150th Pennsylvania: Colonel Langhorne Wister, Lt. Colonel Henry S. Huidekoper (wounded), Captain Cornelius C. Widdis
    • Artillery Brigade -  Colonel Charles S. Wainwright
      • Maine Light, 2nd Battery (B): Captain James A. Hall
      • Maine Light, 5th Battery (E): Captain Greenleaf T. Stevens (wounded), Lieutenant Edward N. Whittier
      • 1st New York Light, Batteries E&L: Captain Gilbert H. Reynolds (wounded), Lieutenant George Breck
      • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Battery B: Captain James H. Cooper
      • 4th United States, Battery B: Lieutenant James Stewart (wounded), Lieutenant James Davison (wounded)


    II Corps

    Major General Winfield S. Hancock (wounded)

    Brigadier General John Gibbon (wounded)

    Brigadier General William Hayes

    General Headquarters:

    • 6th New York Cavalry, Companies D and K: Captain Riley Johnson (Escort)
    • 53rd Pennsylvania, Companies A, B and K: Major Octavus Bull (Provost Marshal 2nd Corps)


    • First Division - Brigadier General John C. Caldwell
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Edward E. Cross (mortally wounded), Colonel H.Boyd McKeen
        • 5th New Hampshire: Lt. Colonel Charles E. Hapgood, Major Richard E. Cross
        • 61st New York: Lt. Colonel K. Oscar Broady
        • 81st Pennsylvania: Colonel Henry Boyd McKeen, Lt. Colonel Amos Stroh
        • 148th Pennsylvania: Colonel Henry Boyd McKeen, Lt. Colonel Robert McFarlane, Major Robert H. Foster
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Patrick Kelly
        • 28th Massachusetts: Colonel Richard Byrnes
        • 63rd New York (2 companies): Lt. Colonel Richard C. Bentley (wounded), Captain Thomas Touhy
        • 69th New York (2 companies): Captain Richard Moroney (wounded), Lieutenant James J. Smith
        • 88th New York (2 companies): Captain Denis F. Burke
        • 116th Pennsylvania (4 companies): Major St. Clair A. Mulholland
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Samuel K. Zook (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel Charles G. Freudenberg (wounded), Colonel Richard P. Roberts (killed), Lt. Colonel John Fraser
        • 52nd New York: Lt. Colonel Charles G. Freudenberg (wounded), Major Edward Venuti (killed), Captain William Scherrer
        • 57th New York: Lt. Colonel Alford B. Chapman
        • 66th New York: Colonel Orlando H. Morris (wounded), Lt. Colonel John S. Hammell (wounded), Major Peter A. Nelson
        • 140th Pennsylvania: Colonel Richard P. Roberts, Lt. Colonel John Fraser, Major Thomas Rodge
      • 4th Brigade - Colonel John R. Brooke (wounded)
        • 27th Connecticut (2 companies): Lt. Colonel Henry C. Merwin (killed), Major James H. Coburn
        • 2nd Delaware: Colonel William P. Bailey (wounded), Lt. Colonel David L. Stricker (wounded), Captain Charles H. Christman
        • 64th New York: Colonel Daniel G. Bingham (wounded), Major Leman W. Bradley
        • 53rd Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Richards McMichael
        • 145th Pennsylvania (7 companies): Colonel Hiram Loomis Brown (wounded), Captain John W. Reynolds (wounded), Captain Moses W. Oliver
    • Second Division - Brigadier General John Gibbon (wounded), Brigadier General William Harrow
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General William Harrow, Colonel Francis E. Heath
        • 19th Maine: Colonel Francis E. Heath, Lt. Colonel Henry W. Cunningham
        • 15th Massachusetts: Colonel George H. Ward (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel George C. Joslin, Major Isaac H. Hooper
        • 1st Minnesota: Colonel William Colvill, Jr. (wounded), Captain Nathan S. Messick (killed), Captain Henry C. Coates
        • 82nd New York (2nd Militia): Lt. Colonel James Huston (mortally wounded), Captain John Darrow
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Alexander S. Webb (wounded)
        • 69th Pennsylvania: Colonel Dennis O'Kane (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel Martin Tschudy (killed), Major James M. Duffy (wounded), Captain William Davis
        • 71st Pennsylvania: Colonel Richard P. Smith, Lt. Colonel Charles Kochersperger
        • 72nd Pennsylvania: Colonel De Witt C. Baxter (wounded), Lt. Colonel Theodore Hesser, Major Samuel Roberts
        • 106th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel William L. Curry, Major John H. Stover
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel Norman J. Hall
        • 19th Massachusetts: Colonel Arthur F. Devereux, Lt. Colonel Ansel D. Wass (wounded), MajorEdmund Rice (wounded)
        • 20th Massachusetts: Colonel Paul J. Revere (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel George N. Macy (wounded), Captain Henry L. Abbott
        • 7th Michigan: Lt. Colonel Amos E. Steele (killed), Jr, Major Sylvanus W. Curtis
        • 42nd New York: Colonel James E. Mallon
        • 59th New York (4 companies): Lt.Colonel Max A. Thoman (mortally wounded), Captain William McFadden
      • Unattached
        • Massachusetts Sharpshooters, 1st Company: Captain William Plumer, Lieutenant Emerson L. Bicknell
    • Third Division - Brigadier General Alexander Hays
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Samuel S. Carroll
        • 14th Indiana: Colonel John Coons, Lt. Colonel Elijah H. C. Cavins, Maj or William Houghton
        • 4th Ohio: Lt. Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter, Major Gordon A. Stewart
        • 8th Ohio: Lt. Colonel Franklin Sawyer (wounded)
        • 7th West Virginia: Lt. Colonel Jonathan H. Lockwood (wounded)
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Thomas A. Smyth (wounded), Lt. Colonel Francis E. Pierce
        • 14th Connecticut: Major Theodore G. Ellis
        • 1st Delaware: Lt. Colonel Edward P. Harris, Captain Thomas B. Hizar, Lieutenant William Smith, Lieutenant John T. Dent
        • 12th New Jersey: Major John T. Hill
        • 10th New York (battalion): Major George F. Hopper
        • 108th New York: Lt. Colonel Francis E. Pierce
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel George L. Willard (killed), Colonel Eliakim Sherrill, Lt. Colonel James M. Bull, Colonel Clinton D. MacDougall (wounded), Colonel Eliakim Sherrill (mortally wounded)
        • 39th New York (4 companies): Major Hugo Hildebrandt
        • 111th New York: Colonel Clinton D. MacDougall, Lt.Colonel Isaac M. Lusk (wounded), Captain Aaron P. Seeley
        • 125th New York: Lt. Colonel Levin Crandell
        • 126th New York: Colonel Eliakim Sherrill, Lt. Colonel James M. Bull
    • Artillery Brigade - Captain John G. Hazard
      • 1st New York Light, Battery B: Captain James M. Rorty (killed), Lieutenant Albert S. Sheldon (wounded), Lieutenant Robert E. Rogers
      • 1st Rhode Island Light, Battery A: Captain William A. Arnold
      • 1st Rhode Island Light, Battery B: Lieutenant Thomas F. Brown (wounded), Lieutenantt William S. Perrin
      • 1st United States, Battery I: Lieutenant George A. Woodruff (wounded), Lieutenant Tully McCrea
      • 4th United States, Battery A: Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing (killed), Lieutenant Samuel Canby (wounded), Lieutenant Joseph S. Milne (killed), Sergeant Frederick Füger


    III Corps

    Major General Daniel Sickles (wounded)

    Major General David B. Birney

    • First Division - Major General David B. Birney, Brigadier General J.H. Hobart Ward (wounded)
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Charles K. Graham (wounded/captured), Colonel Andrew H. Tippin, Colonel Henry J. Madill
        • 57th Pennsylvania (8 companies): Colonel Peter Sides (wounded), Major William B. Neeper (wounded/captured), Captain Alanson H. Nelson (wounded)
        • 63rd Pennsylvania: Major John A. Danks
        • 68th Pennsylvania: Colonel Andrew H. Tippin, Lt. Colonel Anthony H. Reynolds (wounded), Major Robert E. Winslow (wounded), Captain Milton S. Davis
        • 105th Pennsylvania: Colonel Calvin A. Craig
        • 114th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Frederick F. Cavada (captured), Captain Edward R. Bowen
        • 141st Pennsylvania: Colonel Henry J. Madill, Major Israel P. Spaulding (mortally wounded/captured)
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General J. H. Hobart Ward, Colonel Hiram Berdan
        • 20th Indiana: Colonel John Wheeler (killed), Lt. Colonel William C. L. Taylor (wounded)
        • 3rd Maine: Colonel Moses B. Lakeman, Major Samuel P. Lee (wounded)
        • 4th Maine: Colonel Elijah Walker (wounded), Major Ebenezer Whitcomb (mortally wounded), Captain Edwin Libby
        • 86th New York: Lt. Colonel Benjamin L. Higgins (wounded), Major Jacob A. Lansing
        • 124th New York: Colonel Augustus van H. Ellis (killed), Lt. Colonel Francis M. Cummins (wounded), Major James Cromwell (killed)
        • 99th Pennsylvania: Major John W. Moore (wounded), Captain Peter Fritz, Jr.
        • 1st United States Sharpshooters: Colonel Hiram Berdan, Lt. Colonel Casper Trepp
        • 2nd United States Sharpshooters (8 companies): Major Homer R. Stoughton
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel P. Régis de Trobriand
        • 17th Maine: Lt. Colonel Charles B. Merrill, Major George W. West
        • 3rd Michigan: Colonel Byron R. Pierce (wounded), Lt. Colonel Edwin S. Pierce, Major Moses B. Houghton
        • 5th Michigan: Lt. Colonel John Pulford (wounded), Major Salmon S. Matthews (wounded)
        • 40th New York: Colonel Thomas W. Egan, Lt. Colonel Augustus J. Warner (wounded)
        • 110th Pennsylvania (6 companies): Lt. Colonel David M. Jones (wounded), Major Isaac Rogers
    • Second Division - Brigadier General Andrew A. Humphreys
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Joseph B. Carr (wounded)
        • 1st Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Clark B. Baldwin (wounded), Major Gardner Walker (wounded)
        • 11th Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Porter D. Tripp, Major Andrew N. McDonald (wounded)
        • 16th Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Waldo Merriam (wounded), Captain Matthew Donovan
        • 12th New Hampshire: Captain John F. Langley (wounded), Captain Thomas E. Barker
        • 11th New Jersey: Colonel Robert McAllister (wounded), Major Philip J. Kearny (mortally wounded), Captain Luther Martin (killed), Lieutenant John Schoonover (wounded), Captain William H. Lloyd (wounded), Captain Samuel T. Sleeper, Lieutenant John Schoonover
        • 26th Pennsylvania: Major Robert L. Bodine (wounded)
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel William R. Brewster
        • 70th New York: Colonel John E. Farnum
        • 71st New York: Colonel Henry L. Potter (wounded)
        • 72nd New York: Colonel John S. Austin (wounded), Lt. Colonel John Leonard, Major Caspar K. Abell
        • 73rd New York: Major Michael W. Burns
        • 74th New York: Lt. Colonel Thomas Holt
        • 120th New York: Lt. Colonel Cornelius D. Westbrook (wounded), Major John R. Tappen
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel George C. Burling
        • 2nd New Hampshire: Colonel Edward L. Bailey (wounded), Lt. Colonel James W. Carr (wounded)
        • 5th New Jersey: Colonel William J. Sewell (wounded), Captain Thomas C. Godfrey, Captain Henry H. Woolsey (wounded)
        • 6th New Jersey: Lt. Colonel Stephen R. Gilkyson
        • 7th New Jersey: Colonel Louis R. Francine (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel Francis Price (wounded), Major Frederick Cooper
        • 8th New Jersey: Colonel John Ramsey (wounded), Captain John G. Langston
        • 115th Pennsylvania: Major John P. Dunne
    • Artillery Brigade - Captain George E. Randolph (wounded),  Captain A. Judson Clark
      • 1st New Jersey Light, Battery B: Captain A. Judson Clark, Lieutenant Robert Sims
      • 1st New York Light, Battery D: Captain George B. Winslow
      • New York Light, 4th Battery: Captain James E. Smith
      • 1st Rhode Island Light, Battery E: Lieutenant John K. Bucklyn (wounded), Lieutenant Benjamin Freeborn (w)
      • 4th United States, Battery K: Lieutenant Francis W. Seeley (wounded), Lieutenant Robert James


    V Corps

    Major General George Sykes

    General Headquarters:

    • 12th New York Infantry, Companies D and E: Captain Henry W. Rider
    • 17th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Companies D and H: Captain William Thompson


    • First Division - Brigadier General James Barnes (wounded)
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel William S. Tilton
        • 18th Massachusetts: Colonel Joseph Hayes (wounded)
        • 22nd Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Thomas Sherwin, Jr.
        • 1st Michigan: Colonel Ira C. Abbott (wounded), Lt. Colonel William A. Throop (wounded)
        • 118th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel James Gwyn, Major Charles P. Herring
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Jacob B. Sweitzer
        • 9th Massachusetts: Colonel Patrick R. Guiney
        • 32nd Massachusetts: Colonel George L. Prescott (wounded), Lt. Colonel Luther Stephenson, Jr. (wounded), Major James A. Cunningham
        • 4th Michigan: Colonel Harrison H. Jeffords (mortally wounded), Lt. Colonel George W. Lumbard
        • 62nd Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel James C. Hull, Major William G. Lowry (killed)
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel Strong Vincent (mortally wounded), Colonel James C. Rice
        • 20th Maine: Colonel Joshua L. Chamberlain (wounded)
        • 16th Michigan: Lt. Colonel Norval E. Welch
        • 44th New York: Colonel James C. Rice, Lt. Colonel Freeman Conner, Major Edward B. Knox
        • 83rd Pennsylvania: Captain Orpheus S. Woodward
    • Second Division - Brigadier General Romeyn B. Ayres
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Hannibal Day
        • 3rd United States (Companies B, C, E, G, I and K): Captain Henry W. Freedley (wounded), Captain Richard G. Lay
        • 4th United States (Companies C, F, H and K): Captain Julius W. Adams, Jr.
        • 6th United States (Companies D, F, G, H and I): Captain Levi C. Bootes (wounded)
        • 12th United States (Companies A, B, C, D and G, 1st Battalion and Companies A, C and D, 2nd Battalion): Captain Thomas S. Dunn
        • 14th United States (Companies A, B, D, E, F and G, 1st Battalion and Companies F and G, 2nd Battalion): Major Grotius R. Giddings
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Sidney Burbank
        • 2nd United States (Companies B, C, F, H, I and K): Major Arthur T. Lee (w), Captain Samuel A. McKee
        • 7th United States (Companies A, B, E and I): Captain David P. Hancock
        • 10th United States (Companies D, G and H): Captain William Clinton
        • 11th United States (Companies B, C, D, E, F and G): Major DeLancey Floyd-Jones
        • 17th United States (Companies A, C, D, G and H, 1st Battalion and Companies A and B, 2nd Battalion): Lt. Colonel James D. Greene
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Stephen H. Weed (killed), Colonel Kenner Garrard
        • 140th New York: Colonel Patrick O'Rorke (killed), Lt. Colonel Louis Ernst, Major Isaiah Force
        • 146th New York: Colonel Kenner Garrard, Lt. Colonel David T. Jenkins
        • 91st Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Joseph H. Sinex
        • 155th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel John H. Cain
    • Third Division - Brigadier General Samuel Crawford
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel William McCandless
        • 1st Pennsylvania Reserves (9 companies): Colonel William C. Talley
        • 2nd Pennsylvania Reserves: Lt. Colonel George A. Woodward
        • 6th Pennsylvania Reserves: Lt Colonel Wellington H. Ent
        • 13th Pennsylvania Reserves: Colonel Charles F. Taylor (killed), Major William R. Hartshorne
      • 3rd Brigade - Colonel Joseph W. Fisher
        • 5th Pennsylvania Reserves: Lt. Colonel George Dare, Maj James H. Larrimer
        • 9th Pennsylvania Reserves: Lt. Colonel James McK. Snodgrass
        • 10th Pennsylvania Reserves: Colonel Adoniram J. Warner, Lt. Colonel James B. Knox
        • 11th Pennsylvania Reserves: Colonel Samuel M. Jackson
        • 12th Pennsylvania Reserves (9 companies): Colonel Martin D. Hardin
    • Artillery Brigade - Captain Augustus P. Martin
      • Massachusetts Light, 3rd Battery (C): Lieutenant Aaron F. Walcott
      • 1st New York Light, Battery C: Captain Almont Barnes
      • 1st Ohio Light, Battery L: Captain Frank C. Gibbs
      • 5th United States, Battery D: Lieutenant Charles E. Hazlett (killed), Lieutenant Benjamin F. Rittenhouse
      • 5th United States, Battery I: Lieutenant Malbone F. Watson (wounded), Lieutenant Charles C. MacConnell


    VI Corps

    Major General John Sedgwick

    General Headquarters:

    • 1st New Jersey Cavalry, Company L and 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Company H: Captain William S. Craft


    • First Division - Brigadier General Horatio Wright
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Alfred T.A. Torbert
        • 1st New Jersey: Lt. Colonel William Henry, Jr.
        • 2nd New Jersey: Lt. Colonel Charles Wiebecke
        • 3rd New Jersey: Colonel Henry W. Brown, Lt. Colonel Edward L. Campbell
        • 15th New Jersey: Colonel William H. Penrose
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Joseph J. Bartlett, Colonel Emory Upton
        • 5th Maine: Colonel Clark S. Edwards
        • 121st New York: Colonel Emory Upton
        • 95th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Edward Carroll
        • 96th Pennsylvania: Major William H. Lessig  
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General David A. Russell
        • 6th Maine: Colonel Hiram Burnham
        • 49th Pennsylvania (4 companies): Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Hulings
        • 119th Pennsylvania: Colonel Peter C. Ellmaker
        • 5th Wisconsin: Colonel Thomas S. Allen
      • Provost Guard
        • 4th New Jersey (3 companies): Captain William R. Maxwell
    • Second Division - Brigadier General Albion P. Howe
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Lewis A. Grant
        • 2nd Vermont: Colonel James H. Walbridge
        • 3rd Vermont: Colonel Thomas O. Seaver
        • 4th Vermont: Colonel Charles B. Stoughton
        • 5th Vermont: Lt. Colonel John R. Lewis
        • 6th Vermont: Colonel Elisha L. Barney
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Thomas H. Neill
        • 7th Maine (6 companies): Lt. Colonel Seldon Connor
        • 33rd New York (detachment): Captain Henry J. Gifford
        • 43rd New York: Lt. Colonel John Wilson
        • 49th New York: Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
        • 77th New York: Lt. Colonel Winsor B. French
        • 61st Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel George F. Smith
    • Third Division - Major General John Newton, Brigadier General Frank Wheaton
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Alexander Shaler
        • 65th New York: Colonel Joseph E. Hamblin
        • 67th New York: Colonel Nelson Cross
        • 122nd New York: Colonel Silas Titus
        • 23rd Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel John F. Glenn
        • 82nd Pennsylvania: Colonel Isaac C. Bassett
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Henry L. Eustis
        • 7th Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Franklin P. Harlow
        • 10th Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Joseph B. Parsons
        • 37th Massachusetts: Colonel Oliver Edwards
        • 2nd Rhode Island: Colonel Horatio Rogers, Jr.
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Frank Wheaton, Colonel David J. Nevin
        • 62nd New York: Colonel David J. Nevin, Lt. Colonel Theodore B. Hamilton
        • 93rd Pennsylvania: Major John I. Nevin
        • 98th Pennsylvania: Major John B. Kohler
        • 139th Pennsylvania: Colonel Frederick H. Collier (wounded), Lt. Colonel William H. Moody
    • Artillery Brigade - Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
      • Massachusetts Light, 1st Battery (A): Captain William H. McCartney
      • New York Light, 1st Battery: Captain Andrew Cowan
      • New York Light, 3rd Battery: Captain William A. Harn
      • 1st Rhode Island Light, Battery C: Captain Richard Waterman
      • 1st Rhode Island Light, Battery G: Captain George W. Adams
      • 2nd United States, Battery D: Lieutenant Edward B. Williston
      • 2nd United States, Battery G: Lieutenant John H. Butler
      • 5th United States, Battery F: Lieutenant Leonard Martin


    XI Corps

    Major General Oliver O. Howard

    Major General Carl Schurz

    General Headquarters:

    • 1st Indiana Cavalry, Companies I and K: Captain Abram Sharra
    • 8th New York Infantry (1 company): Lieutenant Hermann Foerster


    • First Division - Brigadier General Francis Barlow, Brigadier General Adelbert Ames
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Leopold von Gilsa
        • 41st New York (9 companies): Lt. Colonel Detlev von Einsiedel
        • 54th New York: Major Stephen Kovacs (captured), Lieutenant Ernst Both
        • 68th New York: Colonel Gotthilf Bourry
        • 153rd Pennsylvania: Major John F. Frueauff
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General Adelbert Ames, Colonel Andrew L. Harris
        • 17th Connecticut: Lt. Colonel Douglas Fowler (killed), Major Allen G. Brady (wounded)
        • 25th Ohio: Lt. Colonel Jeremiah Williams (captured), Captain Nathaniel J. Manning (w), Lt William Maloney (wounded), Lt Israel White
        • 75th Ohio: Col Andrew L. Harris, Captain George B. Fox
        • 107th Ohio: Col Seraphim Meyer, Captain John M. Lutz
    • Second Division - Brigadier General Adolph von Steinwehr
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Charles R. Coster
        • 134th New York: Lt. Colonel Allan H. Jackson, Major George W. B. Seeley
        • 154th New York: Lt. Colonel Daniel B. Allen, Major Lewis D. Warner
        • 27th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Lorenz Cantador
        • 73rd Pennsylvania: Captain Daniel F. Kelley
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Orland Smith
        • 33rd Massachusetts: Colonel Adin B. Underwood
        • 136th New York: Colonel James Wood
        • 55th Ohio: Colonel Charles B. Gambee
        • 73rd Ohio: Lt. Colonel Richard Long
    • Third Division - Major General Carl Schurz, Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig, Colonel George von Amsberg
        • 82nd Illinois: Lt. Colonel Edward S. Salomon
        • 45th New York: Colonel George von Amsberg, Lt. Colonel Adolphus Dobke (wounded)
        • 157th New York: Colonel Philip P. Brown, Jr., Lt. Colonel George Arrowsmith
        • 61st Ohio: Colonel Stephen J. McGroarty, Lt. Colonel William H. H. Bown
        • 74th Pennsylvania: Colonel Adolph von Hartung (wounded), Lt. Colonel Alexander von Mitzel, Captain Gustav Schleiter, Captain Henry Krauseneck
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski
        • 58th New York: Lt. Colonel August Otto, Captain Emil Koenig
        • 119th New York: Colonel John T. Lockman (wounded), Lt. Colonel Edward F. Lloyd, Major Benjamin A. Willis
        • 82nd Ohio: Colonel James S. Robinson (wounded), Lt. Colonel David Thomson
        • 75th Pennsylvania: Colonel Francis Mahler (mortally wounded), Major August Ledig
        • 26th Wisconsin: Lt. Colonel Hans Boebel (wounded), Maj Henry Baetz (wounded), Captain John W. Fuchs
    • Artillery Brigade - Major Thomas W. Osborn
      • 1st New York Light, Battery I: Captain Michael Wiedrich
      • New York Light, 13th Battery: Lieutenant William Wheeler
      • 1st Ohio Light, Battery I: Captain Hubert Dilger
      • 1st Ohio Light, Battery K: Captain Lewis Heckman
      • 4th United States, Battery G: Lieutenant Bayard Wilkeson (mortally wounded), Lt Eugene A. Bancroft


    XII Corps

    Major General Henry Slocum

    Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams

    Provost Guard:

    • 10th Maine Battalion (3 companies): Captain John D. Beardsley


    • First Division - Brigadier General Alpheus S. Williams, Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Archibald McDougall
        • 5th Connecticut: Colonel Warren W. Packer
        • 20th Connecticut: Lt. Colonel William B. Wooster, Major Philo B. Buckingham
        • 3rd Maryland: Colonel Joseph M. Sudsburg, Lt. Colonel Gilbert P. Robinson
        • 123rd New York: Lt. Colonel James C. Rogers, Captain Adolphus H. Tanner
        • 145th New York: Colonel Edward L. Price
        • 46th Pennsylvania: Colonel James L. Selfridge
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Thomas H. Ruger, Colonel Silas Colgrove
        • 27th Indiana: Colonel Silas Colgrove, Lt. Colonel John R. Fesler, Major Theodore F. Colgrove
        • 2nd Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Charles R. Mudge (killed), Major Charles F. Morse
        • 13th New Jersey: Colonel Ezra A. Carman
        • 107th New York: Colonel Nirom M. Crane
        • 3rd Wisconsin: Colonel William Hawley, Lt. Colonel Martin Flood
    • Second Division - Brigadier General John W. Geary
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel Charles Candy
        • 5th Ohio: Colonel John H. Patrick
        • 7th Ohio: Colonel William R. Creighton, Lt. Colonel O. J. Crane
        • 29th Ohio: Captain Wilbur F. Stevens (wounded), Captain Edward Hayes
        • 66th Ohio: Lt. Colonel Eugene Powell, Maj Joshua G. Palmer (mortally wounded)
        • 28th Pennsylvania: Captain John Flynn
        • 147th Pennsylvania (8 companies): Lt. Colonel Ario Pardee, Jr., Major George Harney
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel George A. Cobham, Brigadier General Thomas L. Kane
        • 29th Pennsylvania: Colonel William Rickards, Jr., Lt. Colonel Samuel M. Zulick
        • 109th Pennsylvania: Captain Frederick L. Gimber
        • 111th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Thomas M. Walker, Colonel George A. Cobham, Jr.
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General George S. Greene
        • 60th New York: Colonel Abel Godard, Lt. Colonel John C. O. Redington
        • 78th New York: Lt. Colonel Herbert von Hammerstein, Major William H. Randall (wounded)
        • 102nd New York: Colonel James C. Lane (wounded), Captain Lewis R. Stegman
        • 137th New York: Colonel David Ireland, Lt. Colonel Robert S. Van Vorhees
        • 149th New York: Colonel Henry A. Barnum (wounded), Lt. Colonel Charles B. Randall (wounded)
    • Reporting Directly
      • Lockwood's Brigade - Brigadier General Henry H. Lockwood
        • 1st Maryland, Potomac Home Brigade: Colonel William P. Maulsby
        • 1st Maryland, Eastern Shore: Colonel James Wallace
        • 150th New York: Colonel John H. Ketcham, Lt. Colonel Charles G. Bartlett, Major Alfred B. Smith
    • Artillery Brigade - Lieutenant Edward D. Muhlenberg
      • 1st New York Light, Battery M: Lieutenant Charles E. Winegar
      • Pennsylvania Light, Battery E: Lieutenant Charles A. Atwell
      • 4th United States, Battery F: Lieutenant Sylvanus T. Rugg
      • 5th United States, Battery K: Lieutenant David H. Kinzie


    Cavalry Corps

    Major General Alfred Pleasonton

    Headquarters Guards:

    • 1st Ohio, Company A: Captain Noah Jones
    • 1st Ohio, Company C: Captain Samuel N. Stanford


    • First Division - Brigadier General John Buford
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel William Gamble
        • 8th Illinois: Major John L. Beveridge
        • 12th Illinois (4 companies) and 3rd Indiana (6 companies): Colonel George H. Chapman
        • 8th New York: Lt. Colonel William L. Markell
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel Thomas Devin
        • 6th New York (6 companies): Major William E. Beardsley
        • 9th New York: Colonel William Sackett
        • 17th Pennsylvania: Colonel Josiah H. Kellogg
        • 3rd West Virginia, Companies A and C: Captain Seymour B. Conger
      • 3rd Brigade - Brigadier General Wesley Merritt
        • 6th Pennsylvania: Major James H. Haseltine
        • 1st United States: Captain Richard S. C. Lord
        • 2nd United States: Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbough
        • 5th United States: Captain Julius W. Mason
        • 6th United States: Major Samuel H. Starr (wounded), Lieutenant Louis H. Carpenter, Lieutenant Nicholas M. Nolan, Captain Ira W. Claflin (wounded)
    • Second Division - Brigadier General David McM. Gregg
      • 1st Brigade - Colonel John B. McIntosh
        • 1st Maryland (11 companies): Lt. Colonel James M. Deems
        • Purnell (Maryland) Legion, Company A: Captain Robert E. Duvall
        • 1st Massachusetts: Lt. Colonel Greely S. Curtis
        • 1st New Jersey: Major Myron H. Beaumont
        • 1st Pennsylvania: Colonel John P. Taylor
        • 3rd Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel Edward S. Jones
        • 3rd Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, Section, Battery H: Captain William D. Rank
      • 2nd Brigade - Colonel John I. Gregg
        • 1st Maine (10 companies): Lt. Colonel Charles H. Smith
        • 10th New York: Major M. Henry Avery
        • 4th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel William E. Doster
        • 16th Pennsylvania: Colonel John K. Robison
    • Third Division - Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick
      • 1st Brigade - Brigadier General Elon J. Farnsworth (killed), Colonel Nathaniel P. Richmond
        • 5th New York: Major John Hammond
        • 18th Pennsylvania: Lt. Colonel William P. Brinton
        • 1st Vermont: Colonel Addison W. Preston
        • 1st West Virginia (10 companies): Colonel Nathaniel P. Richmond, Major Charles E. Capehart
      • 2nd Brigade - Brigadier General George A. Custer
        • 1st Michigan: Colonel Charles H. Town
        • 5th Michigan: Colonel Russell A. Alger
        • 6th Michigan: Colonel George Gray
        • 7th Michigan: (10 companies): Colonel William D. Mann
    • Horse Artillery
      • 1st Brigade - Captain James M. Robertson
        • 9th Michigan Battery: Captain Jabez J. Daniels
        • 6th New York Battery: Captain Joseph W. Martin
        • 2nd United States, Batteries B and L: Lieutenant Edward Heaton
        • 2nd United States, Battery M: Lieutenant Alexander C. M. Pennington, Jr.
        • 4th United States, Battery E: Lieutenant Samuel S. Elder
      • 2nd Brigade - Captain John C. Tidball
        • 1st United States, Batteries E and G: Captain Alanson M. Randol
        • 1st United States, Battery K: Captain William M. Graham, Jr.
        • 2nd United States, Battery A: Lieutenant John H. Calef


    Artillery Reserve

    Brigadier General Robert O. Tyler

    Headquarters Guard:

    • 32nd Massachusetts Infantry, Company C: Captain Josiah C. Fuller


    • 1st Regular Brigade - Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
      • 1st United States, Battery H: Lieutenant Chandler P. Eakin (wounded), Lieutenant Philip D. Mason
      • 3rd United States, Batteries F and K: Lieutenant John G. Turnbull
      • 4th United States, Battery C: Lieutenant Evan Thomas
      • 5th United States, Battery C: Lieutenant Gulian V. Weir (wounded)
    • 1st Volunteer Brigade - Lt. Colonel Freeman McGilvery
      • Massachusetts Light, 5th Battery (E): Captina Charles A. Phillips
      • Massachusetts Light, 9th Battery: Captain John Bigelow (wounded), Lieutenant Richard S. Milton
      • New York Light, 15th Battery: Captain Patrick Hart (wounded), Lieutenant Andrew R. McMahon
      • Pennsylvania Light, Batteries C and F: Captain James Thompson (wounded)
    • 2nd Volunteer Brigade - Captain Elijah D. Taft
      • 1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery B: Captain Albert F. Brooker
      • 1st Connecticut Heavy, Battery M: Captain Franklin A. Pratt
      • Connecticut Light, 2nd Battery: Captain John W. Sterling
      • New York Light, 5th Battery: Captain Elijah D. Taft
    • 3rd Volunteer Brigade - Captain James F. Huntington
      • New Hampshire Light, 1st Battery: Captain Frederick M. Edgell
      • 1st Ohio Light, Battery H: Lieutenant George W. Norton
      • 1st Pennsylvania Light, Batteries F and G: Captain R. Bruce Ricketts
      • West Virginia Light, Battery C: Captain Wallace Hill
    • 4th Volunteer Brigade - Captain Robert H. Fitzhugh
      • Maine Light, 6th Battery (F): Lieutenat Edwin B. Dow
      • Maryland Light, Battery A: Captain James H. Rigby
      • New Jersey Light, 1st Battery: Lieutenant Augustin N. Parsons
      • 1st New York Light, Battery G: Captain Nelson Ames
      • 1st New York Light, Battery K: Captain Robert H. Fitzhugh
    • Train Guard
      • 4th New Jersey Infantry (7 companies): Major Charles Ewing


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