3 reasons why GGG is too much for Canelo at the moment

GGG is too much for Canelo

Canelo Alvarez had a win recently over long time renowned Puerto Rico warrior Miguel Cotto, all be it in perhaps less than convincing fashion than some might have predicted going into the fight.

His name and that of Gennady 'GGG' Golovkin have been previously been linked to together for some time now, due to a likely clash of styles that would satisfy many a fight fan.

After removing Miguel Cotto from his path in the middleweight division, the pair's names have come together once again, with the prospect of a possible collision perhaps being more realistic than ever before.

However, for three key reasons in this writer's view, it could be a fight a little too early for the talented Canelo:


Although Canelo is a highly experienced professional, it pales in comparison to the international amateur experience of the man from Kazakhstan.

Golovkin is also now an established dominant force at middleweight, with Canelo very new to the 160lbs scene.

Granted he certainly has the frame for middleweight but timing in boxing is everything and from an experience point of view, and prime standpoint, Golovkin is arguably at the peak of his powers and will be for another couple of years. 


Canelo is certainly a powerful young man who can crack when needed, but whether or not he's an actual one punch knockout artist is another question.

Golovkin on the other hand is certainly that, and a cumulative wearer down of punches merchant to boot. An intimidating prospect for anyone.

Canelo can box and brawl when needed, but his tendency of coming forward and willingness to trade would likely see him walk onto some big bombs from Golovkin, who if he persisted in such a contest, would likely end up in only winner.


Like most fights in professional boxing for me, styles make fights, and I just don't think Canelo Alvarez as good as he is (and entertaining as he is), has the type of game necessary to dislodge a force like Gennady Golovkin at the moment.

There's two ways anyone can play it against Golovkin, really. Either try to box and run away from him for twelve rounds and hope to win a points decision, or go for broke Hagler-Hearns style and really try to cling him with some baseball bat clubbing single punches, or empty the tank on him cumulatively Joe Calzaghe style within the first two to three rounds all together and go for a TKO.

I don't see Canelo as having either of the above within his arsenal, in reality. He's a man who can box and bang, which is the great thing about him really from a fan's perspective.

But he's not really as good as either as GGG is in my opinion.

In a sense Golovkin is actually quite similar to Canelo from a boxing style argument, he likes to box and use sublime footwork to patiently stalk his prey before tactically unleashing devastating blows to the body and head.

So does Canelo, but he's just not quite as good as it as GGG, in my view.

I'm not saying it wouldn't be a competitive fight which I'm sure it would be early on, but it comes a little too early in my view for Canelo, certainly in 2016.

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