Ghost Encounters - True Stories - Part 1

Ask anyone you know and they are likely to have a story about a ghost encounter. Here are true ghost stories submitted by readers.

100-Year-Old Ghosts

Encounters with ghosts like this one.
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"When I looked, a man in 1900 clothing was there and shut the door, and when I went to check it again, it was locked..."

Adelaide Australia Ghost

"Then who is the girl in the bathroom?" I asked. Dave said that there couldn't be a girl in the bathroom as we were the only two in the house....

Admiral Fetch

"It was faint but it was clear, and it said, 'Admiral fetch.' At that moment, when he realized what those words meant to him, he felt a chill like he's never felt before in his life. Something was oddly familiar, and then he remembered...."

Attic Ghost

"When I spoke to my mother and sister about it, my mother said that when my sister was young she saw and pointed at a figure of a dark man in the corner of the hallway...."

Aunt Aggie's Ghost

"Thinking it was my daughter, I said, 'Good morning!' The female just kept looking at herself, primping back and forth, in the mirrors as if I hadn't said anything. I suddenly realized that this is not my daughter but must be the entity who has entered our home...."

Baby Monitor Ghost

"Gradually, I could hear what sounded like very heavy male breathing coming from the monitor, getting more and more urgent...."

Ball of Light Ghost

"We were both walking from the kitchen toward the living room one night, and at the same time we both saw a bright ball of light float through the air across the living room, then disappear...."

Bedside Apparition

"Coming out of the left wall, just below the smoke/clouds, a human figure floated above me. It was a man with a billowing white robe, a white beard and his arms were outstretched as if he was surfing on air or something...."

Blue Man

"He is a male I haven't seen clearly, but hangs out in the hallway and dining area of my apartment...."

Blue Specter at Camp

"We were walking, and we both got a really weird feeling, as if we were being watched. We both turned toward the sea... we saw a blue figure, very tall - about 7 feet - walking through the trees...."

Boy at the Cemetery

"She suddenly smiled and pointed to the cemetery and said, 'Mom, I want to play with that little boy.' I quickly replied, with chills going up my spine, that there was no boy...."

Breathing Ghost

"Then I started hearing heavy breathing, about 12 inches from my face. To mimic this breathing, you would have to breath as hard and loud as you could, like you'd imagine a monster would sound like...."

Brother Josef's Visit

"Standing in the doorway was his brother Josef. My grandfather felt his hair rising. They looked at each other for a few moments, Josef nodded and then disappeared...."

Brother's Violent Ghost

"I was freaked out and grabbed up the dog and ran into the living room and over to where a couple of the kids were playing. I just sat there, daring not saying anything to the kids about this...."

Camp Spirits

"Everybody was asleep in the room, but I felt as if I was being watched. I looked in the middle of the room, and through what little light there was from the moon, I swear I could make out the shape of a person in the middle of the room...."

Carmel's Spirit

"So I laid there for a few minutes, and then I just opened my eyes. I was stunned to see a small star hovering in the mid-air, right in front of my face, about a foot or so away at the head of the crib...."

Cemetery Visitor

"I was sure she was there and in less than five to ten seconds her and her car vanish and not using the main road. All the other paths are for pedestrians only being much narrower and do not lead to the road...."

Christmas Eve Spirit

"We were all just lying there chatting with the light off and the door closed when I looked over and saw a figure in the shape of a boy of about 11 standing in front of the doorway...."

Civil War Ghosts

"I saw four riders on horseback, riding diagonally away from the road. They were dressed as cavalrymen from 1876, and all I could think of was, 'Those re-enactors really got their stuff right.'..."

Clean Fanatic Ghost

"I turned around and saw the oldest lady I had ever seen standing in the entry to the kitchen, near the back door to the house. She was wearing a black and white polka dot dress and very high shiny black leather heals with pointed toes...."

Cold Hand

"As I lay almost dozing, I felt something slide close to me and then I felt a cold hand – so cold it was almost hot – touch me on the side and run its hand up my arm...."

Cold Spirit

"It felt like someone was staring at me - coldly staring at me. I turned my back to the stairs and I heard footsteps start to go down the stairs...."

College Dorm Ghost

"Talking to other girls in this dorm, one girl said that if she laid books on her desk and then left the room. When she returned, the books would be stacked, one on top of the other...."

Cousin Betty's Ghost

"I saw was my cousin Betty walking down the stairs, smiling like she always did. She had on the same clothes she was buried in. Then she disappeared...."

Crying Ghost

"My mother told me she woke up in the middle of the night for no reason, and when she looked over at the door... a lady in white, with a veil over the hair, walked into the bedroom, went over to the end of the bed where my mom told me she felt her touch her foot as she walked by, and went to my step-father's side of the bed..."

Child Ghost

"I saw a young boy standing by my bed. I didn't know who it was, but I got up and we began to play with my toys...."

Civil War Ghost

"As he got closer, he saw that this man was all cut up and burned and wearing a blue uniform with a blue fedora with a yellow band. Then in an instant he saw that it was a Civil War military uniform of some kind...."

Creepy Touch

"Then it was like someone was walking on my bed beside me but there were no feet - just the bed went down like there was someone walking on it, but NO FEET...!"

Cross-Dressing Ghost

"I fixed my eyes on the ground, but somehow as we go nearer it, I discerned a human-like figure dressed in a funny costume. As I moved my eyes from the ground toward the face, I noticed that 'she' was floating, and as we passed her by she smiled at us...."

Daytime Apparition

"Suddenly, I became aware of a buildup of sparkling atoms to my left. As I watched, the sparkles took on the form of a medium-sized woman...."

Death Valley Ghosts

"Around 3:00 a.m., my friend woke up screaming and yelling at me, saying that something was holding her feet and legs, or sitting on him...."

Deposit Returned

"When I turned around, the sound had suddenly vanished like it was not even there at all and I was hearing it all in my head...."

Dougie's Ghost

"I had just given my son a bath and laid him down onto my bed to dry him, when he literally flew off the bed and was dumped on the floor...."

Driveway Man

"Her mother and she had just returned from the mall. Similar to the other encounter, the mother and the girl saw the man standing on their driveway. He had on the same winter clothing and stood there, facing away from them and looking at the ground. The mother and the girl were frightened, because he seemed to have appeared out of nowhere...."

Elementary School Ghost

"My eyes kinda blurred for a moment and then I got this kind of creepy feeling and I looked up to see a man in his late 30s-early 40s hanging above my head. I screamed and flew back in my chair..."

Emmy Borden's Ghost

"When it was time for bed, Terrie and I had Emma's bedroom (Lizzie's sister). I had taken my portable audiocassette recorder and placed it on the nightstand to the right of the bed between the bed and the wall...."

Farmer Ghosts

"They kept saying they could not see who I was talking about. I moved them aside just a little less than amused and I did not see a soul...."

Figures in White

"I was looking at all of the graves when we where passing, I saw a mysterious figure walking. It was wearing all white...."

Fix-It Ghost

"So I went in to the kitchen and said, 'Thank you for fixing the toilet.' With that he turned around and said, 'I didn't fix the toilet. What are you talking about?' And his face was white...."

Floating White Ghost

"When my dad was getting ready to go back into the house with my grandma, he saw what looked like a lady in a white floating gown or dress. He was obviously scared since it was pitch black and ABSOLUTELY no one was around except for my grandma...."

Followed by a Ghost

"I was still wide awake and was gently stroking his hair when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure slip in the hallway...."

Ghost and the Keys

"I was extremely confused because there weren't answers. I starting bawling my eyes out. Suddenly I wiped my eyes and there he stood right in front of me. I couldn't believe this...."

Ghost at Sachs Bridge

"Everyone suddenly got quiet. We heard a loud BOOM! It had come from the inside of the bridge! NOBODY was on the bridge or around it, nor was anyone missing from our group...."

Ghost at the Pool

Her mother looked at her like she was crazy, and said 'You can't have seen Maria. She died a few weeks ago'...."

Ghost at the U.N.

"One night, while working late all alone, she began to hear a low sound of the clinking of glasses, like a cocktail party, but very faint and seemed to come from behind the large double doors...."

Ghost by the Well

"I looked up to see a young girl, about 17, standing beside the well, in the shade of the rose of sharon bush. She was wearing a white nightgown, and she had really long, dark hair...."

Ghost Did the Laundry

"There had been a few things I couldn't explain while we were there (things disappearing and reappearing somewhere else -- my daughter hadn't done it -- things being turned on or done when there was no one in the room...."

Ghost Encounter

"I would be lying in bed waiting to doze off when I could hear someone breathing about six inches away from my face, as if they were leaning right over me...."

Ghost Girl of Hwy. 104

"She was pale and tired looking with dark hair and thin. I calmly asked her, 'Do you need a ride?'...."

Ghost Grabs a Ride

"He was driving down the road when he saw a woman and you could see right though her. It jumped up on the passenger side and was holding on to the window...."

Ghost in a Lab Coat

"Then one night at around 3:00 a.m. I was awakened by something (I don't know what), but when I opened my eyes there was an apparition in the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom...."

Ghost in Diapers

"Suddenly I saw Sheila come out – no, float out – of the TV cabinet. She was only wearing this white diaper soaked with yellowish liquid...."

Ghost in Riding Pants

"All of a sudden, I noticed it was only a man's figure. He was wearing tight riding pants, high-cut riding boots and a floppy white shirt. I stared and stared at him, wondering if I was going crazy...."

Ghost in the Mirror

"I looked at the chair through the mirror - and there was my friend's grandmother sitting in the chair looking right at me and smiling at me...."

Ghost in White

"I turned my head to the right and saw what appeared to be a man walking right next to my bed – I mean RIGHT there...."

Ghost in White Gown and Veil

"There was this lady-like figure wearing white gown and a white veil standing just at the foot of my bed...."

Ghostly Child

"Then I felt air on the back of my neck, like somebody blowing on it. The problem was my neck was facing the wall. Then somebody tugged on the bottom of my quilt, pulling it down...."

Ghostly Chorus

"All of a sudden, I heard a bunch of kids singing an old hymn or something...."

Ghostly Fingerprints

"As I was lying back down, from the corner of my eye I saw the shadow figure again. This time it wasn't going passed – there was a figure of a person standing outside my window...."

Ghost of Captain Bill Strong

"After shutting the door I turned around to the wall that had the window that looked into the backyard. What I saw terrified me...."

Ghost of Captain William Smith

"My mom says that she and dad went looking for me and found me over by the old tombs in the graveyard talking familiarly to thin air. I told her when she asked me who I was talking to that his name was Captain William Smith..."

Ghost of Iraqi Soldier

"I immediately sat up and looked into the blue fog, which didn't smell at all like the normal smoke a US smoke grenade makes, but I immediately saw what looked like a face to me in the blue mist...."

Ghost of Little Boy

"As I peered through the window, I saw a little boy sitting on the stairs. I hollered to my cousin to peek in the window, too; I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going nuts...."

Ghost of Mr. Franchetti

"He described the man as not too tall, with a swarthy complexion, wearing a navy blue pea jacket and a stocking cap...."

Ghost of Torturer

"I was filling a cup of water and I saw something small and round looking up at me. It looked like it had red eyes staring at me...."

Ghost on a Train

"On arriving home from work the next evening (Monday), my mother drew my attention to an article in the local paper. She knew that I caught the train from Swanwick and this article was appealing for witnesses to an accident near that station...."

Ghost on the Tracks

"My friend said that he then tried to communicate with the girl and she still did not respond to him. He said that they then started to walk toward the young girl when she suddenly looked up...."

Ghost Orb

"I jumped and looked over toward their house, when suddenly I saw this small, clear ball of light zoom past the house and into the sky...."

Ghost Patient

"He seemed to be wearing a nightgown and was obviously having a lot of trouble walking. I asked if I could help him in some way and walked in his direction. When I was about 20 feet away from him, he suddenly disappeared into thin air...."

Ghost Party Guest

"What they had seen, who they had seen, couldn't have really been there, at least not among the living...."

Ghost Party Mobile

"All of sudden, behind us appears a black vehicle with two large, round and glaringly bright headlights. Once we looked back to see who just ran up on us, it was gone...."

Ghost Riders

"I saw them then – transparent riders on horseback, low in the saddle riding their steeds hard. They appeared to be dressed in old-style clothes...."

Ghost Runner

"As he ran past my window, I looked out of the back and he was gone...."

Ghost Truck of Mex 5

The highway runs through country just about as desolate and lonely as the far side of the moon! It is also said to harbor innate "weirdness" here and there - ghosts, slippages in time and UFOs having been reported in what seemed to me, more-than-usual numbers over the years.

Ghost Understudy

"It's the scene with all the soldiers in it. And then he was gone. He didn't vaporize, explode, melt or decompose. He just wasn't, all of a sudden. He was there, and then he wasn't there, but after he'd disappeared I saw the exit door open and then shut...."

Ghost Upstairs

"My mom says that one night she was ironing clothes when she saw very blurry but clearly at the same time a woman dressed in white walk by and disappear...."

Ghost Visits Son

"Until he got older, he started to tell us what he was seeing. He later described this man as a daddy ghost, has messy hair and is real tall...."

Ghost's Whistle

"My dad, sister-in-law, and niece were on the couch in silence; they knew both what they were thinking. My cousin used to bring joy to the family. So there they were, when all of a sudden they heard a whistle from the kitchen...."

Ghost Wanted to Play

'I started screaming and my mum ran in. She checked under my bed and there was nothing there. Who was this little girl?"

Ghost Wife's Laugh

"The first month my new wife and I were married, I went to bed early and was sound asleep while my new wife worked in the next room. She said she heard a woman laughing in our bedroom...."

Ghost with the Scarf

"Strange enough, she was carrying on a conversation with "air." When she came up from the basement, we asked her who she was talking to...."

Girl with No Eyes

"As she was walking, she came to the street light and saw a girl. As she got closer to the girl, she was able to see her face. What she saw scared her..."

Glowing White Figure

"Standing on the roof was a shape of an old lady completely transparent. She just stood there and watched the traffic on the nearby highway...."

Grabbed by a Ghost

"One night when I was just about asleep, I heard "something" smack my door. Then the door was rattling on its hinges. I heard my door's beads start clinking together...."

Grandfather's Ghost

"On my way into the kitchen, I noticed a man sitting on our sofa, sewing something. I went over to him and talked with him. I don't remember what was said, but I remember when I sat down next to him I wasn't afraid...."

Grandma's Ghost

"The first night I slept up there, the tap in the bathroom came on and then every night after that until it developed into a sort of game...."

Grandma Visits

"They told us he already had a visitor back there. We asked who it was and they said his wife. The only problem was that she had been dead over a year...."

Grandparents' Ghosts

"My most memorable experience was one night when my great grandfather, we called him Papaw, passed away...."

Hair of the Dog Ghost

"When I came out, there was a large clump of white dog hair in the middle of the living room carpet, where just moments before there had been none...."

Hand of Grandfather's Ghost

"Then I saw a shadow come into the room. It was shaped as a person, but I saw no face, just a shadow...."

Hanging Ghost

"As I walked past the shed, in the corner of my eye, I saw a figure of a man, legs kicking, and arms stretched struggling to grab a branch...."

Helen's Spirit

"We were getting into the car when a shadow seemed to come over the moonlit cemetery. A feeling of cold dread came over me and I had the urgent feeling that we needed to leave...."

Hippie Haunting

"As soon as I slid back the door to the living room, suddenly another light bulb popped causing a big flash. I tried to stay calm and she was freaked, asking whether that happens a lot and of course I blamed it on faulty wiring...."

Hotel Ghost in Savannah

"Then suddenly I heard clearly distinctly and loudly the pronounced sigh of a feminine voice. From right BEHIND me. Inches really...."

Hungry Cowboy Ghost

"While I was sleeping on the couch in the living room, something had directed my attention toward the hallway. I looked and there was a man leaning against the wall just staring at me...."

Hushing Ghost

"Even in the darkness, I could tell she was much too thin and her hair was far too long to be my mother. She moved silently...."

Icelandic Spirit

"Then he looked to his right and saw a stop sign, one he'd almost drove right through in his dazed sleep-deprived state. If he hadn't stopped for this little girl, he would have died for sure in a fiery crash...."

Imaginary Friend

"He lay down next to me and began to whisper things in my ear. I don't remember what he said now, but it made me giggle. I asked him where he came from and he said from the light...."

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