Ghost Encounters - True Stories - Part 2

Sightings and encounters with ghosts have been reported since ancient times. Sometimes they are just fleeting visions, sometimes they are spirits that communicate with the living. Here are tales of ghosts from our readers.
The ghost of a British soldier in seen in Connecticut. More »
A student continues to greet a psychology professor... although he's dead. More »
Cars vanish when they had nowhere to go. More »
"I saw a woman in a white dress standing there with long hair covering her face standing at the foot of my roommate's bed." More »
An exorcism possibly results in some ghost sightings. More »
A kid sees a terrifying ghost in his bedroom... but he isn't the only one. More »
The ghosts of former residents check up on the new tenants. More »
The ghost of a woman is picked up by a phantom car! More »
"I remember seeing a ghost in my house when I was around 7 or 8 years old." More »
The ghost could be seen each time the lightning flashed. More »
Strange events near an old monastery. More »
The ghost arrives at midnight. More »
The ghost of a suicide victim is sighted. More »
The ghost of a Civil War era housekeeper. More »
The ghost appears at a lake with a haunting reputation. More »
Alex tried to deal with a bothersome ghost. More »
Pet monkey freaks out over a ghost sighting. More »
A school's haunted restroom. More »
A car passed going rather slowly, and there was nobody in the car at all. More »
A scary face superimposes over a woman's husband's face. More »

The Waiting Phantom of High Wycombe

"Upon seeing the photo they just received, they realize there's a fourth person in the picture with them. Next to their son, clear as day, is a child the same age, and height...." More »
"Something was at the front door, and it was shaking it so hard that it could have taken it off the hinges. Then it would leave the door and it would be at the kitchen window, just standing there real still. And I could see it!" More »
"My mom turned around and was dumbfounded to see her deceased sister standing behind us. My aunt looked up at me and smiled." More »
"Sometime within the first week of "imagining" her, I started calling her Miss Adaline or "Addie". As I spent more and more time over there, talking to this imaginary lady, I actually grew kind of close to her, and interacting with Miss Addie became easier and easier." More »
"Our older sister Melanie was lying next to Michelle on the couch, taking a nap. She started to blink her eyes, then all of a sudden she jumped and started screaming, tears running down her face." More »
"Then it hit me: it was my dead grandfather. I was freaked out, so I turned around to catch another glimpse of the man, and he was still walking..." More »
"I distinctly remember he went to sleep, and at the foot of the bed was a large ogre of a man, probably 7 feet tall, 400+ pounds, and green like the Hulk. This figure was just setting crouched down and watching me, unflinching..." More »
"As I neared the old swimming pool, I saw a walker coming down the road, which was not unusual as people walked for their health at the track field, and I continued toward the garage. That's when I saw the walker up close and personal! This walker was a nun, like the ones who used to teach at the mission school!" More »
"I thought, Maybe if I play his favorite song, I could get him to come back and see her. So, I sat at the piano and played his favorite song..." More »
"When I turned around, I saw an old man standing in the doorway smiling at me. To this very day, I can remember every detail about him...." More »

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