Ghost Encounters - True Stories - Part 3

Sightings and encounters with ghosts have been reported since ancient times. Sometimes they are just fleeting visions, sometimes they are spirits that communicate with the living. Here are tales of ghosts from our readers.

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Beautiful Skinwalker Haunts Trucker

"I fell asleep for about 20 minutes. In my dream or vision, I saw an omen all in white surrounded in fog or mist. She showed me many things. I could smell, taste, and feel all that she said. Then, suddenly, she was gone..."
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Helpful Ghost

"He had the stairway light on, but then he said the light to our bedroom came on, which makes the hallway significantly lighter as there is a big door that leads to the stairway..."
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Ghost in Kilkenny

"Maureen and I were sitting in our lounge. It was after midnight when we heard a loud knocking at our window. I went to the back door, expecting to see one of our neighbors, but there was no one there...."
"That's when he turned onto his right side and came face to face with a man's head resting on the pillow next to him! He said the man looked very old and had facial hair with a Union soldier's hat on his head and all the while staring directly into my friends eyes!..." More »
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Ghost Friend, Charlie

"When I got to the library, I noticed this white man dressed like the that detective dog. He had on a hat and trench coat. When I went in, I noticed he kept following me, acting like he was looking at books...."
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The Old Man Who Wasn't There

"She said she saw it, and we whispered back and forth trying to figure out what to do. If we screamed, it would notice us. If we opened the door, it might notice us, and we basically panicked for a bit..."
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The Luminous Ghost

"A woman, luminous, stood about six feet beyond the end of my bed. She was looking at me and was slowly approaching..."
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Spirit Vibration

"As I rolled my eyes to look toward the bathroom, I saw these strange lights, like orbs with these weird swirling colors around them. Then all of a sudden this being appeared right in front of me..."
"I peeked into the kitchen from where I was standing in the washroom. What I saw next will forever remain etched in my memory. Standing at the back door, I saw a half-figure of a white man who was barefoot and wearing a red bathing suit..." More »
"While I checked this room, Aida went to the other room to look for them, and that room was pitch-black dark, like my room; no one was ever in there..." More »
"The second day was when we experienced the unusual. We had just got back from our activities, and one of my friend's came back from the bathroom with a weird expression on her face..." More »
"Moments later, I felt someone sit on my bed and start to rub my back as if trying to calm me down. I was still very frightened and told her, "I'm sorry. I can't help you. Please leave. You're scaring me." And she was gone." More »
"I read specifically about one room in the old wing where a lot of activity had been reported: the Sea Captain's room. According to lore, a sea captain was murdered by his mistress in the room..." More »
"As the men (if they were men) marched, the dogs came out in full force, barking and yelping, but the marching troops paid no attention..." More »

 A young ghost apparently haunts a studio that was once a mortuary. More »

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I Willed Ghost Activity to Manifest

"Those two words – "Prove it"! Damn it, I would try. I was pretty angry at having my intelligence questioned and being insulted by a person who had plainly never experienced anything at all unusual..."
"In the night I started hearing classical music coming through the baby monitor. Loud. I woke my husband asking him if he was hearing it, too. He said he did..." More »
"My living room blinds were moving. I started thinking someone was trying to break in. I jumped up, faced my window -- and staring back at me was a face..." More »
"A moment later, I leaped for cover. I hadn't a stitch on, and there was a man outside wearing a bright blue shirt and kneeling down beside Piper's garden, reaching in..." More »
"I could not believe what I was seeing. There was my grandpa! He was not looking in my direction whatsoever. He looked young, healthy, and as handsome as ever..." More »
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Contact Attempted with Hotel Ghost

"I was still frightened at the fact that there was someone else in the room. The woman saw that I was awake. I lifted my arm to see if I could grab hers..."
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Psychically Saw Through Father's Eyes

"At that moment, my "spirit" left my body and flew into his body in the car. He turned his head to look straight forward up the road..."
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Tapped by Something in the Night

"One night I awoke to a tapping on my shoulder -- fast taps... one two three. It woke me almost instantly, so I turned on the lamp to see why my brother was harassing me at this time of the night...."
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Apology to the Ghost

"Later in the night, my girlfriend and I went to bed as usual and fell asleep quickly enough. The next thing I remember is being jolted awake at the same time as my girlfriend and quickly noticed that the heater was on full blast..."
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Unexplained Breathing at the Door

"After a few hours of doing that, I heard the sound of someone breathing heavily and loudly at the door. I can't really explain it, but the breathing sounded in a way that sounded evil, and by the way that the breath was released, it sounded like it was released through the mouth..."
"Once those words left his lips, I froze. I told them that no one else was there but us, and they gave me the most confused and "shut up, you're lying" look ever..." More »
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Giggling Ghost of the Stock Room

"One afternoon, I went to this stock room to fetch more stock for my department on the shop floor. There, I heard a young girl giggling..."
"As we got closer, I clearly saw a man sitting on a horse under this tree. He was looking toward the Sacramento River, but all I could clearly see was the rear to the mid-section of the horse and only the waist of the rider..." More »
"The story said that drivers on this road found a beautiful lady caught in the rain on a certain stretch on the this road. She would indicate to be given a lift, which of course most men would not refuse, it being a rural area..." More »
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Hooded Being at the Double-Wide

"As he turned to look at me, he had on what I describe as a burlap sack material with a hood on it. He looked right at me, like he was there to give me a message..."
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Mimicking Entity Scares Us

"It was around 2:00 a.m. or so and he told me he heard his dad call his name. He said it sounded like his dad, but he knew it wasn't..."
She would describe hearing babies cry outside her bedroom in the hallway. Always at night. More »
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Ghosts of the Fires

"When we returned home later that night, Renee was going through her pictures and discovered something in my rear view mirror: two little boys standing on the side of the road."
"I woke up in the middle of the night. Everything was very dark and there was no sound. There was a really strong static sensation. It felt like my head was tingling, kind of like pins and needles..." More »
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No Mistaking Red's Ghost

"I am certain that I saw Red's ghost, and I think the reason he seemed so upset was because he couldn't accept that he was gone. This experience will stay with me for as long as I live."
"Then came the weirdest part. The key didn't want to turn the ignition. I tried with all my might, but it would not budge. Suddenly I felt a cold chill inside the car..." More »
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Pale Ghost Came Through My Door

"The face wasn't looking at me, though, as it slowly inched its way in. In the darkness, a body started to emerge as well, but all I could see was blackness. Just a black, shadowy looking body..."
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Crying, Giggling Ghost

"At around 9 or 10 p.m., I could hear my little sister sobbing out in the hallway. I went to investigate, but she wasn't there. Thinking the sobbing voice must have actually come from up in her room (directly above the living room), I yelled her name up the stairs..."
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Mocking Green Entity

"He claimed that he had actually had a nightmare that was not too dissimilar to something from one of those paranormal activity movies... except it was him involved and that he had a demon try and pull him out of his bed..."
"I had my baby's crib in our room as well. We heard a very loud, intense cry along with a baby crying! This cry was at my window. I jumped up so quick to grab my newborn..." More »
"She heard someone coming down the hallway, so she called out, "Who's there?" No response. With a flashlight and a handgun, she checked out the house to find everything locked up tight..." More »
This incident happened during late summer in the northwest of England in 1995 at around 10:15 p.m. More »
"All of a sudden, I heard one of the door handles upstairs being pulled down and a door being creaked open, then footsteps followed it across the floorboards above me..." More »
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Ghost's Prank Calls

"Finally, we gave up and went to the dead relative's house only to find Paul, who had been there for over one hour (during the exact times the phone calls had come into our hotel room). The phone at this relative's home had been disconnected for a week..."
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Ball of Fire or Uncle's Ghost

"Within a second it occurred to me that no way could it be a light out in the middle of nowhere, three stories up for that matter, and right then, it came back, this time from my left to my right. It never stopped... never sat still..."
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Strange Night Apparition and Visions

"The only night I do remember was me standing there in the night looking up at the roof of our house. There where children up there laughing and playing: small, dark little figures running up and down our roof..."
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Psychometry Roused Apparition

"After about five minutes holding her ring, I felt nothing was going to happen and was going to give up on receiving messages. Suddenly, the late wife appeared before me -- just her head and shoulders!"
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Pretty Young Ghost

"That is when I noticed it was a pretty white girl, maybe a few years older than me, wearing a white gown or dress. It almost seemed like there was a shining glow around her..."
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Sounds of Approaching Death

"She ran without hesitation over two flights of stairs to the upper part of the house, directly toward the portrait of her grandmother and grandfather. There she saw the glass over the photograph was cracked, right across the neck of her grandfather..."
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Something Called My Dog

Once there, Rachelle, my step mum, said she heard the voice, too, only she heard an old lady calling.
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Cloaked Entity on the Stairs

"I suddenly felt this cold shiver down my back and I looked up and saw a tall, black, cloaked figure standing at the top of the stairs..."
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Knocks Warn of Death

The week before my friend died, I heard four distinct knocks, with an emphasis on the last knock, as if someone was saying "We really mean it!"
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Three Days of Dad

"Even after his death I felt like he was with me, because three days following his funeral I had strange things happen to me..."
"Then one day an old Fisher-Price toy with a bell on it, which was stored in a drawer untouched for months, rang! My heart jumped and I was frozen with fear..." More »
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White Faceless Entity

"The white woman would move around the room, but she wouldn't get closer to me, nor would she back away from me..."
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Small Glowing Entity

"I leaped out of bed and ran past it with my eyes closed. What happened next is fuzzy..."
"I slowly went up the stairs, and right when I got to the door I saw an old man dressed as a Confederate soldier walk down the hall and into the bathroom and disappear!" More »
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The Mocking Bald Ghost

e said, "He was baldy, had big ears, smiled, and did the 'na-na-na hands' thing on the sides of his head while sticking out his tongue at me." On hearing this, the hair stood up on the back of my neck and my eyes began to water with fright.
"Everything started happening the morning of July 6, 2013 around 8 a.m. only to feel something crawling around on my bed down by my feet first, then my calf and feet..." More »
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Knocks on a Second Floor Window

"As I sat in the TV room, I suddenly heard three very distinct and loud knocks that came from near the window area. The knocks were on wood, not the glass..."
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Apparition in White Gown

"I was having sound sleep when I woke up realizing that there is someone else in next room, so I opened my eyes and looked directly in the other room. I am not sure who that was, but someone standing in other room wearing a white gown..."
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Breathing from the Deceased

"Enjoying the last few minutes of hiding under the sheets on a cold winter morning with the radio on, and I could hear someone breathing heavily, similar to a tired person having just fallen asleep..."
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Three Strange Tales

"I had just moved into a 200-year-old farmhouse. It was an amazing place, full of atmosphere and a great feeling of times past, but not particularly "haunted" feeling..."
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Man of Red Flames

"To my astonishment, I saw what I thought at first was a burning trunk of a tree on the other side of the oval..."
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Another Sister

I turned down the music and yelled at her to leave me alone. She kept frantically saying, "Jessi! Jessi! Jessi!" This went on for a few minutes: me telling her to go away, and her frantically calling my name.
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Ghost of the Pony Express

"Some of the old-timers said there used to be a Pony Express post in the area. The old trail was supposedly part of an old road the Pony Express riders traveled on their way to and from the post..."
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Growling Mystery

"Although the nightmares had stopped, one night when laying in bed chatting with my boyfriend, we both jumped when a loud growl sounded just outside my window..."
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Voices in the Night

"The voice was not in my head; it was right there in the room. It was very clear! I immediately asked, "What was that?" Lyn said she didn't hear or say anything..."
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Figures Through the Window

"As I looked toward the table in the darkened room, I could see two translucent figures standing in front of one of the windows..."
"After this, his son was so mad with grief that he hung himself on the big oak tree near the farm. Since then the old farmer regularly saw his son appear and at night he had the feeling of someone watching him and following him..." More »
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French Spectre

"Footstep sounds on the hardwood floors wouldn't stop, and I was literally too scared to even get out of bed and go into another room..."
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White Ghost at the Camp, Part II

"The woman had no face or features, almost like a shadow. She crossed the room silently and walked out the door..."
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Playful Apparition

"I opened my eyes and, about a foot from my face, I saw a young man smiling at me as you might smile at a child..."
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Phantom Pedestrian Crash

"Therefore, no lights except for my vehicle's headlights. I sat there in my driver's seat a minute, thoughts flashing through my mind: I hit someone. Not just one person but five!"
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Lots of Ghosts

"Mum and dad said that a man was seen and heard in our flat. We lived in a bad neighborhood in those days, so I think he might have been murdered there..."
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Whirlwind Dream, or Not a Dream

"That dream was about a ghost who liked to be known as "Whirlwind" and could shape-shift into almost anything..."
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Meditation Awakens Mysterious Chant

"Suddenly, I found myself panting and in shock. My friend was still meditating, so I relaxed, closed my eyes and waited. Then things got scary..."
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Friend's Ghost Doesn't Blame Me

"I suddenly heard my friend's voice from my right telling the dog to calm down. I looked over and saw my friend sitting on the bench next to me..."
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Cuddled by Something

"I can't remember how long I was asleep, but I do remember when I woke up... I couldn't move. I tried to scream, but it sounded muffled behind my lips, which felt as if they had been super glued together..."
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Aunt's Death Knocks

"I have been following the comments on the three knock phenomenon with interest, as our family has had this exact warning, through the years..."
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Witness to Spirits

"I will just lie down to close my eyes, and it looks like I did not turn off the light at all (through closed eyes) because there is such a bright light that appears with these souls, but they just can't seem to see it themselves..."
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We Awoke the Ghost

"Little did I know how active that house would turn out to be. Things began to get interesting when my daughter, who was 10 years old and sensitive to these things, had a fright..."
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Nino's Ghost

"We were all out of the car, and suddenly I looked back and I saw a dark man standing there..."
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The Flash and the Voice

"But what happened next was even scarier. As I was staring at the flash, I heard a sound -- a very loud, booming male voice. It sounded like a prolonged "Ooohhhhhh!" -- that was for another 3 to 4 seconds..."
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The Ghost's Hair

"I presumed it to be the dead person coming back to tell us something. The black figure stopped at the bottom of the stair and looked at us. I talked to it and promised that the house was being remodeled, not being torn down..."
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Military Truck Mystery

"Two men were in there, both sitting up completely and unnaturally still. The man who appeared to be the driver was wearing camos with suspenders and a tight white t-shirt..."
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Mimicking White Mist

"I still don't know what I saw, but every time I think back on that night, I believe that it was an experience with no explanation..."
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Hot Looking Ghost

I saw a young woman with long hair coming up the steps before she made her way into my room. I screamed at her and said, "Do not hurt me!"
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Friend Adjusts to the Other Side

"I felt a presence, but it didn't feel right. It was like I could feel the sickness from him. I think when you first pass over, you carry part of your physical self with you at first..."
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The Cry Outside

"s soon as she sat down, though, the light went out again! She felt a little creepy and went and looked down the basement steps, not really wanting to go down there..."
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A Bag of Hexes

"I didn't know what they were at first, but now (almost 5 years later) I know that these plants are used in dark magic, especially for the intent and purpose of hexes."
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Great Uncle Charlie's Ghost

"I was so scared, I couldn't move, especially when I realized that I could actually see through this man. He had long hair and a long beard and looked to be in his mid to late fifties. He was wearing ratty clothes..."
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Ghost On the Second Floor

"But then I heard a sound, like people were walking in front of the door, just walking back and forth in front of the door...."
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Ghost in the SUV

"Her chin was unnaturally resting on her chest, as if unconscious (or dead). Her hair was covering her face and I could see the beads in her hair..."
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Footsteps, Chains, and Ghosts

"The next night I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs very slowly. Then the door opened very slowly with a loud creek..."
"Gjergj began to walk toward the log to try and retrieve it, but as he got closer he began to see a white figure floating above it...." More »
"I've heard voices talking around me and seen unexplained things. It doesn't matter where I move or where I am, it still affects me..." More »
Harley and her friend get an unexpected response when they imitate a movie conjuring. More »

Part 4 of this collection. More »