Ghost Encounters - True Stories - Part 3

Sightings and encounters with ghosts have been reported since ancient times. Sometimes they are just fleeting visions, sometimes they are spirits that communicate with the living. Here are tales of ghosts from our readers.

Dave's Ghost Joins the Field Trip

"The second day was when we experienced the unusual. We had just got back from our activities, and one of my friend's came back from the bathroom with a weird expression on her face..."

Haunted Hotel Ghost Hid My Stuff

"I read specifically about one room in the old wing where a lot of activity had been reported: the Sea Captain's room. According to lore, a sea captain was murdered by his mistress in the room..."

Old Mortuary Ghost

 A young ghost apparently haunts a studio that was once a mortuary.

Ghost on the Baby Monitor

"In the night I started hearing classical music coming through the baby monitor. Loud. I woke my husband asking him if he was hearing it, too. He said he did..."

Terrifying Face in the Window

"My living room blinds were moving. I started thinking someone was trying to break in. I jumped up, faced my window -- and staring back at me was a face..."

Ghost in the Pet's Garden

"A moment later, I leaped for cover. I hadn't a stitch on, and there was a man outside wearing a bright blue shirt and kneeling down beside Piper's garden, reaching in..."

Grandpa's Ghost Watches Grandma's Wedding

"I could not believe what I was seeing. There was my grandpa! He was not looking in my direction whatsoever. He looked young, healthy, and as handsome as ever..."

Kids Played with a Ghost Boy

"Once those words left his lips, I froze. I told them that no one else was there but us, and they gave me the most confused and "shut up, you're lying" look ever..."

General Bowie's Ghost

"As we got closer, I clearly saw a man sitting on a horse under this tree. He was looking toward the Sacramento River, but all I could clearly see was the rear to the mid-section of the horse and only the waist of the rider..."

The Legend of the Hoofed Lady

"The story said that drivers on this road found a beautiful lady caught in the rain on a certain stretch on the this road. She would indicate to be given a lift, which of course most men would not refuse, it being a rural area..."

Crying Baby Ghosts

She would describe hearing babies cry outside her bedroom in the hallway. Always at night.

Pure Evil in the Night

"I woke up in the middle of the night. Everything was very dark and there was no sound. There was a really strong static sensation. It felt like my head was tingling, kind of like pins and needles..."

Possessive Ghost Car Owner

"Then came the weirdest part. The key didn't want to turn the ignition. I tried with all my might, but it would not budge. Suddenly I felt a cold chill inside the car..."

Terrified by the Cry of La Llorona

"I had my baby's crib in our room as well. We heard a very loud, intense cry along with a baby crying! This cry was at my window. I jumped up so quick to grab my newborn..."

Ex-Wife's Ghost Looked for Me

"She heard someone coming down the hallway, so she called out, "Who's there?" No response. With a flashlight and a handgun, she checked out the house to find everything locked up tight..."

The Tawd Valley Ghost

This incident happened during late summer in the northwest of England in 1995 at around 10:15 p.m.

Something is Upstairs

"All of a sudden, I heard one of the door handles upstairs being pulled down and a door being creaked open, then footsteps followed it across the floorboards above me..."

The Old Man's Ghost

"Then one day an old Fisher-Price toy with a bell on it, which was stored in a drawer untouched for months, rang! My heart jumped and I was frozen with fear..."

Gettysburg Ghosts

"I slowly went up the stairs, and right when I got to the door I saw an old man dressed as a Confederate soldier walk down the hall and into the bathroom and disappear!"

Annoying Bed Disturbance

"Everything started happening the morning of July 6, 2013 around 8 a.m. only to feel something crawling around on my bed down by my feet first, then my calf and feet..."

The Logs and the Ghosts

"Gjergj began to walk toward the log to try and retrieve it, but as he got closer he began to see a white figure floating above it...."

Clap, Clap, Ghost

Harley and her friend get an unexpected response when they imitate a movie conjuring.

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