Ghost in the Back Seat

While moving his daughter's car, Simon sees a ghost in the back seat

I have had paranormal experiences for over 40 years and feel I could write a book about them. Many involved the vanishing and re-appearing of objects and I can identify with one of your reader's recent reports. I have few ghost stories to tell.

It was in 1995 in rural Northants, England. My daughter Abbie, then 17, had just passed her driving test and so we bought a little second-hand car.

One morning at about 4:15 I was ready to set off for work. Our drive was only one car wide and my daughter (as worryingly usual at that age) had returned home late in the evening, parking behind my car. This meant I had to start her car up, back it out before backing my own out and then putting her car out in the drive.

This one morning I'd backed hers out, leaving her engine running and the driver's door open, meaning the interior light was on. I should mention it was still dark outside. I walked back to reverse my own car, but happened to look back at Abbie's car.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a young lady sitting in the near-side back seat (it was a two-door car) seemingly studying her make-up and pampering, etc. This was full-colour, nothing grey nor translucent. I thought, What on earth...? or suchlike and immediately ran toward the car only to find no one there.

I often wonder that her spirit was still there, but my own rationale had blocked my perception.

I only told Abbie many years later as I didn't want to scare her. To my surprise, she said she was usually aware of a benign presence behind her when she was driving that car.

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