Ghosts Wreak Havoc in Nursing Home

While working in a Kentucky nursing home, Lora has many encounters with ghostly activity

I am from the western Kentucky area and I worked in a nursing home for many years. My experiences began when I was in my teens, but I have never had anything happen like the story I'm about to tell you.

It began in 2010. I was working in a skilled care nursing home and I heard other coworkers talking about strange things that happen on the night shift.

I began working the night shift and one night I saw black shadows and heard things move around. Then one night I was doing some paperwork when something hit the wall very hard and the whole wall shook. It made the windows in the nursing station shake as well.

I could hear things move around in the med room, but one night came a bad storm. It was summer and we had to get our residents out in the hall. I began to do so and as I went to open a door, it flew open and a cold burst of air came with it, and the door across the hall began to open and shut on their own as well. Chairs that were in the lunch room flew across the room.

Another  nurse and I got three scratch marks on us. It didn't stop there. We could hear people talking. One night I was changing a bed and I went to the hallway to put some stuff away and it spoke in my ear -- and it was loud. It said, "Quiet."

Of course I freaked out and ran.

I have had my hair pulled and it would feel like something would grab my ankle. Things like this would go on all the time. Lights would turn on and off by themselves as well.

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