"Giant Python Caught in the Red Sea" Video Is a Scam

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As shared on Facebook, Sep. 17, 2014:

True Video - Giant python caught in the Red Sea! The world biggest Snake has been found in SAAD - Karaj (Iran)

Description: Viral posts
Circulating since: Sep. 2014
Status: Scam (see details below)

As shared on Facebook, Sep. 17, 2014:

[True Video] - Giant python caught in the Red Sea!

The world biggest Snake has been found in SAAD - Karaj (Iran) it has 43m height and 6m Length and 103 yrs old, The sources gave him temporary oxygen for while until get cure and they called him (MAGA MAAR MALAD) Snake......

Analysis: We've seen these images before. Staged using toy soldiers and an ordinary dead snake, they were created for display on a message board frequented by Vietnamese college students and gaming enthusiasts. In 2010 the images began making the social media rounds with various false stories attached, e.g., "Amazing Giant Snake Found in the Red Sea."

This latest incarnation is a bait-and-switch tease for a clickjacking scam. Users who attempt to view the video are redirected to a bogus Facebook page where they're told it's "mandatory" to share the video before they can see it. Once they've shared it -- spamming the scam to everyone on their friends list -- they're prompted to download special "VideoPerformer" software which, if consented to, likely results in the installation of adware or malware on their computers.

It pays to be careful when you're confronted with posts inviting you to view lurid videos or "shocking news" updates. It's all too easy to compromise the security of your social media accounts, computer, and network to phishing and malware attacks.

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