Gift Ideas for Young Gymnasts of All Ages

Gift Ideas for Gymnasts of AllAges
Great Gifts for Gymnasts.

Great gymnastics gear in new designs and colors for gymnasts of all ages. Need some gift ideas for gymnasts and fans? We've got you covered, with products for young and old, and for both boys and girls.

I LOVE Pink Chalk Bag For 3-8 Year Olds (USA made) by Pure Grit

I LOVE Pink Chalk Bag
I LOVE Pink Gymnastics Bag.

This chalk bag is made Boulder, Colorado and is perfectly sized for children from ages 3-8 at 4.5" high and 3.25" diameter. It feature a super fun and playful fabric (including a Polartec fleece interior for softness and durability) with excellent USA-made quality and durability. It also comes with a quick release 40" adjustable 5/8" waist belt.

"I've Got Skills" Shirt

Gymnastics Shirt: I've Got Skills
© CafePress

This custom-printed shirt from CafePress is a unique, funny, way to proclaim talent in the gym. Comes in a large variety of different shirt styles, from long-sleeve to wicking tees.

Dora the Explorer Fantastic Gymnastics Doll

Dora the Explorer Fantastic Gymnastics Doll
© Mattel Inc.

Young Dora and gymnastics fans will enjoy this doll, created for kids age three and up. Dora performs "gymnastics routines" (really a combination of splits, bridges, and handstands) that are fun for little kids to watch. In true Dora fashion, she also speaks 40 phrases in English and Spanish, including counting in both languages.

Two caveats: She's more of a robot than a doll, so kids that want to play with and move a doll might prefer the regular gymnastics doll that doesn't move on its own (and is significantly cheaper). Also, kids out of the three to five age range may be bored by its simple moves.

Playmobil Gymnastics Figures

Playmobil Gymnast
© Playmobil USA

The popular toy company, Playmobil, has a line of boy and girl gymnasts that come on rings, pommel horse, balance beam, and uneven bars. The beam gymnast seems to be a morph of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, since she also comes with a hoop and ball.

The toys, for ages four to 10, are perfect for a Playmobil collection but work on their own as well. The gymnasts can be manipulated to do handstands and some other tricks, and the figures make great collectors' items as well.

Letters to a Young Gymnast, by Nadia Comaneci

Letters to a Young Gymnast: Nadia Comaneci
© Perseus Books Group

Every gymnast knows about Nadia Comaneci, and this book sheds an interesting light on her life, from her perspective. Though the "letters" are often an awkward format, Comaneci opens up about some of the tough times of life in communist Romania and her eventual defection to the US.

Comaneci doesn't spill all, but does give more insight into her life than we've gotten from previous books and articles. Despite its title it isn't a book for young children at all -- more for fans (at least age 13 or so) who'd like to know more about the Olympic legend.

Stick It Gymnastics Movie

© Touchstone Pictures

This 2006 movie isn't Academy Award-worthy, but is a lot of fun for the uber-gymnastics fan or gymnast. The film, which stars Jeff Bridges as a gymnastics coach and Missy Peregrym as a rebel gymnast, was written by Bring It On's Jessica Bendinger, a former gymnast. There are cameos from a young Nastia Liukin and TV commentators Tim Daggett and Elfie Schlegel, though much of the gymnastics is more fantasy than reality. It's especially a hit with pre-teen and teen girls who love the sport.

Off Balance, by Dominique Moceanu

Off Balance, by Dominique Moceanu
© Simon & Schuster

While Nadia's book divulges some details of her life, this book, by 1996 Olympic champion Dominique Moceanu, holds nothing back about Moceanu's own gymnastics path and life as a gymnast and young adult. Moceanu pulls no punches when sharing her thoughts on the abusive relationship she had with legendary coaches Bela and Martha Karolyi, as well as her late father.

A controversial title, it's a must-read for those who remember Moceanu from 1996, or from her well-documented 1999 divorce from her parents.