13 of the Greatest Gifts for a Frank Lloyd Wright Fan

Gifts and Collectibles for Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright

If the one you love loves Frank Lloyd Wright, you're in luck. The work of the master has inspired an amazing array of marketing and merchandise. What to pick? Here's our wish list, with gifts ranging from only a few dollars up into the thousands. But who's counting?

The Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, Illinois was designed in 1913 by Charles E. White, Jr., a student of Frank Lloyd Wright
The Cheney Mansion in Oak Park, Illinois was designed in 1913 by Charles E. White, Jr., a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Photo by Raymond Boyd / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Charles E. White, Jr. was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright—an experience that influenced his design of what became known as the Elizabeth F. Cheney Mansion. We don't expect the FLW Trust workshops in Illinois to make a youngster into an architect, but they could inspire the budding builder.

More FLW Summer Camps:

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Wright is well-known for leaded glass of geometric patterns. Reproductions of his designs as well as illustrated books always seem to be available. Beware of quality variations, however. Some glass panels have received mixed reviews. Shown here is a popular piece, designed for a skylight in an early Prairie-style house built for Ward W. Willits in 1901.

Sure, it's expensive, but this hefty volume (over 500 pages) is a must-have for every lover of Frank Lloyd Wright. Written by William A. Storrer, the book includes plans for Wright's buildings. Publisher: University Of Chicago Press, rev. 2006

What this book doesn't have is a DVD of Frank Lloyd Wright, a 1998 film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
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From the LEGO architecture series of collectible construction kits, Frank Lloyd Wright is well represented. A detailed model of the famous Fallingwater house may be the most popular, but other LEGO models are also available, including:

  • Imperial Hotel
  • Robie House
  • Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Also check out the type of German blocks that Wright used as a boy in Gifts and Toys for the Architect and Engineer.

Lighting was very important to any Wright design. A very popular gift item is one of the many reproductions of the table lamps and ceiling lamps found in Wright's home designs.

From table linens to throw pillows and door mats to picture frames, Frank Lloyd Wright has inspired most every home decor accent you can imagine.

Among the many decorative items that Frank Lloyd Wright designed were incredibly detailed world globes with pedestals. Shown here is the desk globe Frank Lloyd Wright designed in 1928 when he was remodeling the San Marcos in the Desert Hotel near Phoenix, Arizona. Other globes include:

Detail of exterior of Hollyhock House, Frank Lloyd Wright, 1922
Detail of Hollyhock House exterior in California, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1922. Photo by Ted Soqui / Corbis via Getty Images / Corbis News / Getty Images

Journey throughout Japan with a Wright scholar. Explore Arts & Crafts beginnings in the UK. From Wright’s Hollyhock House to the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust has a handle on travel offerings across the globe. More »

Many of what we consider Frank Lloyd Wright designs are highly stylized Eastern patterns. This 1000 piece puzzle is a pattern from the 1917 Peacock Carpet at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. Other puzzles include iconic Wright architecture and objects.

Bulova makes handsome, durable mineral crystal watches with distinctive Frank Lloyd Wright designs. Shown here is a watch face inspired by the carpet in the 1950s era Hoffman House. A similar design can be found in the Hoffman House Carpet Tapestry Throw Blanket.

Tick Toc... why not a clock? With designs borrowed from important Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, these clocks make beautiful desk and wall accessories.

With a wooden base and glass panel, the small clock shown here is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's art glass window at the 1905 Glasner House in Glencoe, Illinois. Other Bulova clocks include the Willits Mantel Clock and the Willits Table Clock

It's well-known that Frank Lloyd Wright loved his pencils, and what architect doesn't? Shown here is an architect's mechanical pencil, "loaded with lead"—perfect for the digitally challenged.

And where will you store those pens and pencils? Choose your holder:

Frank Lloyd Wright's First Prairie Style House, 1893, the William H. Winslow house for sale in 2016 for $1,375,000
Frank Lloyd Wright's First Prairie Style House, 1893, the William H. Winslow house for sale in 2016 for $1,375,000. Photo by Raymond Boyd / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images (cropped)

OK, you may not be able to purchase the Guggenheim, but if it's in your budget, you can buy an original Prairie, Usonian or even a Victorian house designed by the master. Properties for sale are listed on the Website of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy. The 1956 Lindholm Service Station was on the market in 2016 for a mere $380,000. Still beyond your budget? Give a contribution or membership to the preservation organization. The Wright enthusiast on your shopping list will appreciate your efforts to save historic Wright buildings. The mission of the Conservancy, founded in 1989, is "to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright through education, advocacy, preservation easements and technical services."  Preservation is the perfect gift. More »