Gifts for the Astro-Inspired

The Internet connects you to a universe of gift ideas, made easier by sites that narrow the field for you, or offer suggestions based on Sun signs. Here are some suggestions for gifts that the astrology aficionado will smile over.


(c) Jasmaine Matthews.
Something to save up for -- a gift for the astro-enthusiast that enjoys actually gazing up at the heavens. This is high on my wish list, so I thought I'd rank it number one. Some telescopes come with a built-in camera, so you can take your own pictures of la bella luna.


Every skywatcher needs a handy calendar with planetary aspects, annual retrogrades and the lunation cycle. Llewellyn publishes popular calendars, including the comprehensive Daily Planetary Guide, wall calendars and pocket guides. We'Moon publishes a calendar called Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, and appeals to those following the Goddess path.


Soul Sick Nation by Jessica Murray.

There are many beginning astrology books out there to choose from, and books on specialized topics for those further along on the learning path. Linda Goodman's Sun Signs or Love Signs are still classics, but for a more current and cosmopolitan take on Sun signs, grab the titillating and densely packed bestseller Sextrology: The Astrology of Sex and the Sexes by Starsky & Cox. Those interested in American political trends and astrology will find Soul Sick Nation, by Jessica Murray, an engaging read from start to finish.


Journals can be a nice gift, and if your giftee is going through their Saturn return, seek one with that sign on the front. Or find a journal with Mercury (this involves some astro-investigation on your part), a place to record their life impressions.


Zodiac jewelry and t-shirts don't have to be cheesy. Sites like CafePress and Squidoo give you lots of options to choose from, from old-school airbrush styles to cartoons, or more minimalist creations. And it's not just the Western Zodiac that's in style -- check out the cute Year of the Dog or Pig t-shirts, BBQ aprons and baby bibs.

Handmade Gifts

Zodiac Table by Dragon Oak.

Sites like Etsy put hand-made gifts in reach, and there are many to choose from. Just punch in keywords like Zodiac or astrology, and you'll find original creations from individual sellers, like the hand-carved Zodiac table (in this photo) from Dragon Oak.

Astro Reports

Astrodienst claims its AstroIntelligence reports are the best in the world, and they're probably right. Hone in on career, relationships, or order your loved one a forcast for the coming year.

An Astrology Consultation

Word-of-mouth can sometimes lead to reputable local astrologers with reasonable fees. This is an area where caution is advised, especially in the vast commercial landscape of psychic-tarot-astrology readings on the Internet or by phone. But if available locally, a gift certificate for a reading with an established astrologer who is compassionate, learned and wise, is a priceless gift.