Ten Gifts for Under $ 10

Looking for gifts for your Pagan friends, but don’t have the time to make things yourself? Stock up on some of these simple and inexpensive items that you can wrap up in a pretty package and give to friends when a birthday or holiday rolls around – or if you just feel like giving someone something nice to show you care about them!

Blank Journal and a Pen

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Pagans write lots of things down, and it's not uncommon to see us scribbling away when something strikes our fancy. Many practicing Wiccans and Pagans keep a Book of Shadows, which is a great place to keep information on spellwork, rituals, our gods, and other important topics. Pick up a nice, blank journal and a decorative pen, tie them together with a pretty ribbon, and present them as a gift for a friend who likes to write! A blank journal can also come in if your friend wants to Keep a Dream Journal or Hold a Journal Ritual.

Dry your magical herbs and store them for later use. Image by alle12/E+/Getty Images

Many Pagans use herbs in their magical workings, so why not give someone a living magical gift? Buy pretty flowerpot or bowl and a bit of potting soil, and then add some clippings from your herb garden. If you don't have a garden of your own, you can buy single-plant herbs at your local garden store reasonably inexpensively. Whoever you give this pot of herbs to can have fresh herbs in their kitchen or at their altar all year long! Be sure to read up on Magical Herb Use and Herbal Correspondences so you can get an idea of which herbs to plant for your gift recipients! More »

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Many Pagans use crystals and gemstones in workings, because every stone is connected to some aspect of the human experience. Different traditions attribute various therapeutic and magical properties to each stone. You can find various crystals and stones at inexpensive prices -- put together several in a decorative pouch, or tie one onto a cord to make an amulet, and give as a gift. Customize your crystal selection based upon your friend and his or her needs. Try a quartz crystal for a friend who needs clarity, hematite for someone in need of protection, or rose quartz to help open up the heart chakra. Be sure to read about Crystal Correspondences for more ideas. More »

Bring the fire of the sun indoors with lots and lots of candles!. Image by Kristin Duvall/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Considered sympathetic magic, it's a method which doesn’t require a lot of fancy ritual or expensive ceremonial artifacts - which makes it popular among both experienced Pagans and people new to a Pagan path. Put together a collection of candles in a decorative basket for your friends, and pass them along. Consider a bundle of different color candles -- perhaps one for each of the seven chakras. Another great option is plain white candles - the 4" menorah-sized ones are typically available in the Kosher section of grocery stores, and can be purchased for about $5 for a box of two dozen. Be sure to read about Candle Magic 101 for some additional tips on color selection. More »

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Everyone loves incense, and it's something many Pagans use in ritual and spellwork. Incense works on several different levels. It's known to effect our moods -- a certain scent will trigger a particular emotion or memory. In many magical traditions, incense is used to represent the element of Air, as it carries our intent and prayers up to the gods or the universe. You can usually buy incense sticks in packets for just a couple of dollars -- grab a few packages, along with an incense holder or burner, wrap them up in a colorful bag or box, and give them as a gift. More »

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Many Pagans have found a way to incorporate seasonal decor into their magical practice. If it's springtime, consider a pot of fresh bulbs or crocus blossoms. For summer, offer a gift of suns and brightly colored candles. If you have a friend celebrating a fall birthday or event, why not present a cornucopia full of produce to celebrate the abundance of the season? Likewise, for winter celebrations, ivy and holly is always appropriate, as are candles. Raid your the seasonal aisle at your favorite discount or craft store, and find ways to incoporate Christmas decorations into a Yule gift, or pick up some cute Halloween swag as a Samhain decoration. More »

Copy of the Farmer's Almanac

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The Farmer's Almanac has been around for a long time, and offers long range weather forecasts for each year, as well as full moon dates, weather history, sun rise & set times, best planting dates, and folklore. It's available at nearly any bookstore for about $6.00. Give a copy to any Pagan friend who's interested in gardening, moon magic, or the natural world.

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Most folks in the Pagan community are pretty crafty individuals - a lot of people like to make things by hand, whether it's ritual tools, jewelry, or more. If you've got a Pagan friend who's crafty, who not put together a basket of goodies for them to create with? Gather some scrapbook materials, beading supplies, jewelry making tools, or even a woodburning kit so they can make their own items. Be sure to read about Magic and Ritual Tools for some great ideas! More »

Bowls, Boxes or Bottles

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Bowls, boxes, or other storage supplies are always great gifts for Pagan friends. They come in handy for storing things like herbs, crystals, Tarot cards, candles and other items. Bottles are great for dried herbs, incense blends, oils, and spellwork. If you find a pretty box or bottle, why not wrap it up with a bit of raffia and a card, and present it to a friend as a gift to show you care? For some ideas on how your friends might use such a thing, be sure to read Make a Tarot Box and The Portable Altar Kit.

Candy Molds or Cookie Cutters

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If you've got a Pagan friend who's a fan of kitchen witchcraft, consider getting a set of Pagan-themed cookie cutters or candy molds. High quality candy molds are out there which can be used for chocolates and hard candy, as well as for soapmaking. They're available with pentacle designs, magical tools, goddesses, and more. Also, cookie cutters can be used for more than just cookies -- use them to make cut-out decorations, small ritual cakes, or any other idea you can think of. Keep an eye out at Halloween for special Samhain-themed cookie cutters, like witches, black cats, pointy hats, and brooms.