Giordano Surname Meaning and Family History

The Jordan river in Israel is a possible origin of the Giordano surname
The Jordan river north of Israel.

Lior Filshteiner/Getty Images

The Italian form of the name Jordan, the Giordano surname has its roots in "Yarden," the Hebrew name of the Jordan river flowing between the countries of Jordan and Israel. Derived from yarad, meaning "descend" or "flow down." Its origin is Italian.

Famous People With the Giordano Last Name

  • Umberto Giordano - Italian composer
  • Tyrone Giordano - Deaf actor
  • Luca Giordano - 17th-century Italian artist
  • Gus Giordano - Innovator of modern American jazz dance

Where Do People With the Surname Live?

The largest populations of individuals with the Giordano surname are in Italy, as you might expect. According to WorldNames PublicProfiler, the Giordano last name is most popular in the southern boot of Italy—Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, and Sicilia. There is also a slightly denser population in the Piemonte region, but the name is popular throughout Italy. It is also fairly common in Argentina. Surname distribution data from Forebears, indicates that Giordano is the 11th most popular name in Italy and the 30th most common in Monaco.

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