Giving Directions Dialogues

Reading Dialogue: Directions to the Museum

Asking for Directions
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Practice these two English dialogues that give directions to different locations in a city. Once you feel comfortable with the vocabulary, ask for directions in your own city with a partner or a classmate. Pretend as if you are traveling in your city.

Directions to the Museum

(On the street corner)

Tourist: Excuse me, can you help me? I'm lost!
Person: Certainly, where would you like to go?

Tourist: I'd like to go to the museum, but I can't find it.

Is it far?
Person: No, not really. It's about a 5 minute walk.

Tourist: Maybe I should call a taxi ...
Person: No, no. It's very easy. Really. (pointing) I can give you directions.

Tourist: Thank you. That's very kind of you.
Person: Not at all. ... Now, go along this street to the traffic lights. Do you see them?

Tourist: Yes, I can see them.
Person: Right, at the traffic lights, turn left into Queen Mary Avenue.

Tourist: Queen Mary Avenue.
Person: Right. Go straight on. Take the second left and enter Museum Drive.

Tourist: OK. Queen Mary Avenue, straight on and then the third left, Museum Drive.
Person: No, it's the SECOND left.

Tourist: Ah, right. The second street on my left.
Person: Right. Just follow Museum Drive and the museum is at the end of the road.

Tourist: Great. Thanks again for your help.
Person: Not at all.

Check your understanding with this multiple choice comprehension quiz.

Directions to a Supermarket

Tom: Could you get to the supermarket and get some food?

There's nothing to eat in the house!
Helen: Sure, but I don't know the way. We've just moved in.

Tom: I'll give you directions. Not to worry.
Helen: Thanks. 

Tom: At the end of the street, take a right. Then drive two miles to White Avenue. After that, it's another mile to ...
Helen: Let me write this down.

I won't remember it!

Tom: OK. First, take a right at the end of the street.
Helen: Got it.

Tom: Next, drive two miles to White Avenue. 
Helen: Two miles to White Avenue. After that?

Tom: Take a left onto 14th Street.
Helen: Right onto 14th Street. 

Tom: The supermarket is on the left, next to the bank. 
Helen: How far is it after I turn on to 14th Street?

Tom: It's not far, maybe about 200 yards.
Helen: OK. Great. Is there anything special you want?

Tom: No, just the usual. Well, if you could get some beer that would be great!
Helen: OK, just this once!

Key Vocabulary for Giving Directions

Take the first / second / third / etc. right
Go right / left / straight at the light / corner / stop sign / etc.
Continue straight on
Turn right / left at the light / corner / stop sign / etc.
Get on the bus / subway at 12th Ave. / Whitman Street / Yellow Lane / etc. 
Follow the signs for the museum / exhibition center / exit / etc.

Questions Commonly Used when Asking for Directions

Is it far? / Is it close? 
How far is it? / How close is it?
Could you give me directions?
Where is the nearest bank / supermarket / gas station / etc.
Where can I find a book store / restaurant / bus stop / etc.
Is the museum / bank / department store / etc.

near here?


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