Glossary for Ancient/Classical History

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Sculpture depicting Bacchus with Silenus, a satyr, maenad and panther. This sculpture was found on the latest floor of the Temple of Mithras when the building was no longer used to worship him. (Photo by Museum of London/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

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There is also an A to Z Condensed Index of this site.

Please note: Greek words may be transliterated into English in different ways. If you do not find the name you want, try replacing 'c' with 'k', 'y' with 'u', 'e' or 'ei' with 'i', 'u' with 'o', final 'm' with 'n', and final 'n' with nothing. See Useful tips on reading Greek names in English.

Also see brief How Do You Spell...?

Most of the references in this glossary are to short identifications, but some are to articles. The primary emphasis of this site is the customary one, the classical world, i.e., Greece and Rome.

Certain topics on this site have enough terms to warrant their own separate indexes. See the following specialized glossaries/indexes:

This site deals with ancient history, from roughly the beginning of time until the Fall of Rome in A.D.
476. For all practical purposes, however, it covers only the era of written history. For more ancient artifacts, you're better off seeking information from the Archaeology Site.
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