Glow-in-the-Dark Drinks

Drinks that glow under a black light

Woman with drinks at the club
 Mike Harrington/Getty Images 

Have you ever wanted to make a glowing cocktail? There isn't a safe chemical you can add to make a drink glow in the dark on its own, though you can add sealed glowsticks or glowing ice cubes. There are several edible substances that glow brightly from fluorescence under black light or ultraviolet light. To work the magic, simply add black lights to light your own glowing concoctions.

If you want to make glowing drinks, my advice is to get a pocket-sized black light (ultraviolet lamp) and take it shopping with you. Shine the light on products and look for a glow. Note that the glow may be a different color from the product. Also, you will discover many plastic containers are highly fluorescent. We did a little internet searching and came up with this list of beverages and additives that reputedly glow in the dark under black light. Absinthe and Blue Curacao™ contain alcohol, but the other items can be used for any occasion. Some fluorescent and phosphorescent substances will glow for several seconds after the light source is removed.

  • blue raspberry Little Hugs™ (kiddie soft drink)
  • Mountain Dew™ and Diet Mountain Dew™ 
  • Tonic Water (or any drink containing quinine)
  • many sports drinks
  • Absinthe
  • Blue Curacao™
  • some of the new bright food colors
  • certain flavors of gelatin
  • vitamin B12 (glows bright yellow)
  • chlorophyll (like from spinach juice, glows blood red)