Where to Find Glyphs and Icons for a Delphi Application, Menu, Toolbar

Professional and Unique User Interface

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A glyph in Delphi lingo is a bitmap image that can be displayed on a BitBtn or SpeedButton controls using the control's Glyph property.

Glyphs and icons (and graphics in general) make your application user interface elements look professional and unique.

Delphi controls and the VCL allow you to easily setup toolbars, menus and other user interface elements with custom graphics.

Glyph and Icon Libraries for Delphi applications

When you install Delphi, by design two image libraries are installed also. The "standard" Delphi bitmap and icon sets which you can locate in the "Program Files\Common Files\CodeGear Shared\Images" folder and a third-party GlyFx set.

The GlyFX pack contains a large number of icons selected from many of the GlyFx stock icon sets, as well as wizard images and animations. The icons are supplied at various sizes and formats (but not all sizes and formats are included for all icons).

GlyFx pack can be found in the "\Program Files\Common Files\CodeGear Shared\Images\GlyFX" folder.

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