GMC Celebrates 100 Years of Building Trucks

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GMC's Truck History

1909 Rapid Model F six-passenger truck
1909 Rapid Model F six-passenger truck. (General Motors)

The name GMC celebrates a milestone anniversary in 2012, 100 years after the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Company became part of General Motors. Early GMC trucks were actually re-badged vehicles built by both companies.

More Vintage GMC Trucks

  • 1902 Rapid Truck
  • 1915 GMC Flatbed Truck
  • Early GMC Fire Truck
  • Cannon-Ball Baker's GMC Truck
  • 1942 GMC Military Truck
  • 1957 GMC Pickup Truck
  • 1957 GMC Pickup Truck
  • 1958 GMC Pickup Truck
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1913 GMC Electric Furniture Delivery Truck

GMC Electric Truck
1913 GMC truck. (General Motors)

GMC built some of the world's first electric vehicles during the second decade of the Twentieth Century, like this 1913 furniture delivery truck.

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1914 GMC Electric Flatbed Trucks

1914 GMC Electric Trucks
1914 GMC Electric Trucks - Models 2B and 4A. (General Motors)

GMC's electric vehicles included the 1914 model 2B and 4A trucks shown in this vintage photograph. These two trucks were used for newspaper delivery in Detroit, Michigan.

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GMC Bus for the Parade of Progress Road Show

1936 GMC Bus
1936 GMC Bus. (General Motors)

In 1936, GMC designed and built a fleet of eight buses for the General Motors Parade of Progress road show.

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GMC Military Trucks in World War II

1942 Jimmy Duece and a Half Truck
1942 Jimmy Duece and a Half Truck. (General Motors)

GMC built over a dozen different types of military vehicles during World War II, including the 1942 CCKW353 6x6 personnel carrier shown here, which soldiers called the Jimmy Duece and a Half. Over 560,000 of the trucks were built during the war.

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GMC Assembly Plant in Pontiac, Michigan

GMC Assembly Plant
GMC Assembly Plant.

GMC's Jimmy Duece and a Half trucks were assembled at the automaker's plant in Pontiac, Michigan.

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1973 GMC Motorhome

1973 GMC Motorhome
1973 GMC Motorhome. (General Motors)

GMC built motorhomes from 1973 to 1978, producing two different models -- one 23 feet in length and the other three feet longer. The 1973 GMC motorhome in this photo is equipped with an optional roof-mounted air conditioner.