Who Is Gnarls Barkley?

Gnarls Barkley is a "Crazy" duo made up of

Gnarls Barkley - The Odd Couple. © Downtown

Question: Is Gnarls Barkley Cee Lo Green?

Answer: No. Gnarls Barkley consists of a duo: rapper and singer Cee-Lo and producer Danger Mouse. Gnarls Barkley's first album is St. Elsewhere.


Cee-Lo Green was born Thomas Calloway on May 30,1974. Cee-Lo is no stranger to collaborations. He came into the game by crafting gems with Atlanta hip-hop crew, Goodie Mob, in the 1990's. CeeLo also boasts two remarkable albums:Cee-Lo and His Perfect Imperfections(2002) and Cee-Lo Green Is the Soul Machine (2004).

Cee-Lo's daughter, Sierra, was once featured on MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen."

Danger Mouse

Dangermouse made a name for himself by releasing a groundbreaking mash-up album that combined Jay Z's raps from The Black Album with beats sampled from The Beatles's White Album? Danger Mouse (aka Brian Burton) was born in White Plains, New York. Before The Grey Album made him a hot commodity, Danger dropped a well received album, Ghetto Pop Life with rapper and collaborator Jemini. After EMI issued DM a cease and desist for copyrights violations on The Grey Album, Damon Albarn (of Gorillaz) tapped the hip-hop producer for the animated group's sophomore album, Demon Days, which was released under the EMI imprint (ironically). Danger scored a Grammy nod for his work on Demon Days. He earned a nomination for "Producer of the Year."

He later collaborated with MF Doom on the Adult-swim sponsored The Mouse and The Mask.

His upcoming projects include a second album with Jemini (Kill Your Heroes) and a rumored collaboration with Black Thought of The Roots.

St. Elsewhere

Adapted from an 80's series, St. Elsewhere is the critically acclaimed debut by Gnarls Barkley. Their first single, "Crazy," attracted such a deafening buzz that it eventually became the first song to ever reach #1 by way of digital downloads.

The duo followed up with the full-length album, St. Elsewhere. The album was well-received. It won several awards, including a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album in 2007. "Crazy" also picked up a gong for "Best Urban/Alternative Performance"

The Odd Couple

In 2008, Gnarls Barkley released its second album, The Odd Couple. It was a worthy follow-up to the stellar St. Elsewhere. Anyone who may have dismissed the pair as a fluke had a face full of egg. The Odd Couple was a strong extension of St. Elsewhere. It echoed the first album's sense of purpose and innovation. It spawned standout songs like "Who's Gonna Save My Soul," "Open Book" and "Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)."

Life After Gnarls Barkley
Although they have plans for a third album, Cee Lo Green and Dangermouse have been focusing on life outside Gnarls Barkley. Cee Lo has kept busy with several solo projects. Remember his hit single "F**k You"? Also, he reunited with Goodie Mob for a group album. Dangermouse has teamed up with other musicians for his side projects.

As for that Gnarls Barkley reunion, it's not out of the question. "We’ll definitely get together sometime very soon to start talks about what we collectively agree is the new direction for Gnarls Barkley,” Cee Lo told Rolling Stone in 2011.

“We talk on occasion and he’s about as preoccupied as I am at the moment, doing other projects. But then again, we might not talk at all and just do it when the time is right because we’ve never discussed it before.”