Goals Teachers Should Shoot for in the New School Year

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With every new school year comes a fresh start. We think of all of the things that didn't go as planned last year, as well as the things that did. We then take these things and plan for a new beginning, one that will be even better than the last. Here are a few great teacher goals that you should try and shoot for in the new school year.

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To Be a Better Teacher

While you have spent years learning your craft, there is always room for improvement. We are always looking for ways to make our students better learners, but how often do we step back and take a look at how we can improve? Here are 10 resources that will help you sharpen your skills.

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To Make Learning Fun Again

Remember when you were a child and kindergarten was a time to play and learn to tie your shoes? Well, times have changed, and it seems like all we hear about today is the common core standards and how politicians are pushing for students to be "college ready." How can we make learning fun again? Here are 10 ways to help you engage students and make learning fun again!

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To Inspire Students to Find a Love for Reading

 You will not hear many students yell with excitement when you mention that you have some great ideas to get them reading, but we all know that the more you read the more you like it! Here are 10 teacher-tested suggestions to inspire students to get reading today!

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To Create the Ultimate Organized Classroom

 A well-organized classroom means less stress for you and more time to educate students. Most teachers are already known for being organized, but when was the last time you thought about what worked and what didn’t in your classroom? The beginning of the school year is the perfect opportunity to become the ultimate organized teacher. Think of a classroom, where the students take responsibility for their own belongings, and where everything has its place. Just follow these tips to staying organized and your classroom will practically run itself.

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To Grade Students Fairly and Effectively

The sole purpose of assessment is to help plan instruction around students needs so each student can achieve their academic goals. This year, learn how to grade students and communicate student progress in an effective manner.

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To Incorporate Effective Reading Strategies

Start the new year off on the right foot by learning 10 new reading strategies and how to incorporate them into our daily routine.

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To Integrate Technology

In this day and age, it's hard to keep up with the must-have tech tools for education. It seems like a new device to help us learn quicker and better comes out every week. With the ever-changing technology, it can seem like an uphill battle to know what is the best way to integrate the latest technology into your classroom. Here we will take a look at the best tech tools for student learning.

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