Golf Balance

Make Golf Balance a Part of your Golf Fitness Program

Once you have completed the golf flexibility section of your golf fitness program, it is time to move on to the second section of your program, balance training.

In addition to requiring the muscles of your body to move the club through a long range of motion, the golf swing also requires you to maintain a set spine angle during the swing.

For this to occur, it is necessary to have acute levels of balance. Balance is often misconstrued as a principle linked solely to the mechanics of the golf swing. The reality is very different. Balance within the golf swing is the responsibility of both your body and the mechanics of the swing. They are intertwined to allow for the execution of the swing correctly.

Balance in relation to the golf swing is the ability of your body to maintain the correct spine angle and center of gravity during each phase of the swing. Balance exercises can assist in improving the balance capacities within your golf swing by creating more efficiency in your nervous system and greater control over muscular movements.

Here is a golf balance exercise I find very beneficial to the golfer:

Golf Balance Exercise: The "Single Leg Cone Reach" can help improve your balance - see how.

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