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golf books
Ian Poulter enjoys golf books - he's posing with one titled "Golf Secrets Revealed." Perhaps one of those secrets involved hair gel?. Andrew Redington / Getty Images

Many golfers enjoy a good read, whether our golf books of choice are John Feinstein non-fiction works or Dan Jenkins novels, historical works or something on the funny side. This hub page on Golf is dedicated to golf books.

Picking the Best Instructional Books
Instructional books aren't the choice for everyone, but if you're someone who enjoys learning this way, or simply reading the teachings of instructors, we have some recommendations for you.

Best golf instruction books
Here's a list of recommended general instruction books, books that are the can't-miss tomes of the golf instruction publishing world.

Top classics of golf instruction
These "classics" are older (but still informative) books that set the tone for much of what followed in the golf instruction arena. Books by Vardon, Jones, Hogan and more are included.

Top books for beginners
If you're just starting out in golf, you don't need a book that gets bogged down in arcane topics and difficult to understand theories. Here are golf instructionals aimed at beginners.

Top putting instruction books
Some of the greatest putters on the planet are represented here, along with some of the greatest teachers of putting.

Best short game instruction books
The short game - pitching and chipping, short approaches, trouble shots around the green, bunker shots - is covered in these recommended editions.

Top golf instruction books for women
The books on this list are mostly aimed at women beginners, but there is more advanced instruction here, too.

Best books on golf mental game
And finally, confidence plays such a big role in golf. Get your mind in the right place, and the rest of your game might show some improvement, too.

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Golf Books: More Reviews and Lists

The pages listed above are opportunities for you to share your opinions. Most of the pages that follow are ones on which we express our opinions, in the form of guide reviews and best-of lists.

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