Golf Buggy

golf buggy
This push cart is more likely to be called a "buggy" or "golf buggy" in many places around the world. Courtesy of The Bag Boy Company; used with permission


"Golf buggy" is a term used primarily in Australasia and Europe and refers to the device(s) used to transport a golfer's bag of clubs around the course. Golf buggy - often shortened to just buggy - can refer to a passenger golf car (a k a, golf cart) designed to carry people and their golf bags; or to the walking carts or push carts designed to transport only the golf bag. In many parts of the world, the term "golf buggy" or "buggy" is primarily applied to the push cart, as the one pictured on this page. But the term can also be used as a synonym for golf cart.

A golf buggy of the push variety is usually 3-wheeled. Basic models may have two wheels and luxury models four wheels. Some luxury models are even self-propelled and remote-controlled.

Many golfers who prefer to walk the course own their own golf buggy. But some courses keep a fleet of them (just as they keep a fleet of riding carts) for rentals.

Golf buggies designed for walking golfers - aka, push carts, walking carts or golf trolleys - are covered as new models come to market in our New Golf Bags and Push Carts index. For more about the use of riding carts, see:

Also Known As: Walking cart, push cart, pull cart, golf cart, motorized cart

Examples: "This course has golf buggies for rental."

"I'm getting a buggy to use during this round of golf."