Golf Core Exercises

Stretches and Exercises That Targer the Golfer's Core

An individual's "core" is, very basically, his midsection - all the muscles, bones and ligaments from above the knees to below the chest. It's important for golfers to target the core in any workout routine to add flexibility (and potentially more yards through a greater coil) and guard against injury.

The golf core exercises listed here can help golfers do that. Remember: Go slow with any new exercise. And before starting a new workout routine, be sure you are in good health and consult your physician.

Russian Twist on Swiss Ball

woman doing sit-ups
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And in this version, the golfer is seated on a Swiss ball (a k a, fitness ball or stability ball). Because you're working on an inflated ball, the element of balance is brought into the equation, too.

Standing Twist with Golf Club

We'll start this list of golf core exercises with a very simple one, one that you can do on the golf course as part of your warmup routine before teeing off.

Stationary Swing with Medicine Ball

Stationary Swing with Medicine Ball
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This golf core exercise mimics the motion of the golf swing, but with the golfer "swinging" a medicine ball rather than a club.

Twisting Lunge with a Club

Like the very first golf core exercise listed on this page, this is one that the golfer can do on the driving range or even on the first tee to help limber up before the round.

Downward Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

golf core exercises
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Golf core exercises can, done correctly and over time, lead to increased swing speed and, therefore, more yards. This one is no different.

Lunge With a Twist

Very similar to the Twisting Lunge with a Club exercise above, but this one is done with a medicine ball to add another element.

Tubing Side Rotation

This one is touted as an ideal core exercise for golfers. "This exercise places your body in a position similar to the one you're in during the golf swing, and develops strength, endurance, and power in the core." You'll need fitness tubing for this one.