Golf Exercises

Toning Up Those Golf-Specific Muscles

Golf exercises are those that specifically target the muscles used during the golf swing. Golfers can improve their swings in various ways by incorporating golf exercises into a workout routine: lengthening the backswing, improving rotation, strengthening wrists and forearms and the muscles of the core.

When adding a new exercise to your routine, always go slow and pay attention to form. Consult a physician before beginning any new exercise routine, especially if you have health concerns.

Backswing Drill with Dumbbell

Save to Board Woman holding dumbbell in gym


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A strength-training drill that has the golfer moving a dumbbell through the motion of the golf swing, using the lead hand.

Strengthen Hip Abductor Muscles to Improve Weight Shift

Hip abductor exercises


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A good weight shift is important in the golf swing. One way to help improve your weight shift is to work on strengthening your hip abductor muscles. This can lead to a much better hip rotation during the swing.

Stationary Swing with Medicine Ball

Man swinging medicine ball


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Similar to the Backswing Drill with Dumbbell listed above, this one uses the resistance provided by a heavy object - the medicine ball - to build up the muscles involved in the golf swing.

Downward Wood Chop with Medicine Ball

People exercising with medicine balls


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The core rotational muscles are the main muscles that need to be strengthened if the goal is to add swing speed and distance. The Downward Wood Chop targets those muscles.

"Openers" Lower Back Exercise

People doing back stretches


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The lower back is an area of concern for many golfers. Strengthening it is a great way to guard against injury. "Openers" is a stretch for the lower back that can help with flexibility and strength in that area.

Alternating Arm and Leg Extension

alternating arm and leg extension


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Another option for working on strengthening the lower back and adding flexibility.

Exercise for Strengthening Wrists

Wrist exercises


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The "Golf Wrist-Cock Exercise" targets, of course, the wrists, and the wrists play important roles in the swing: controlling the club through impact, and adding power.

Russian Twist on Swiss Ball

Twist on swiss ball


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A Swiss ball, or fitness ball, can provide great variety to one's workout. The Russian Twist is a staple of core exercises, and this one is done on a Swiss ball.

Tubing Side Rotation

side rotation exercise


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Like the very first golf exercise listed up above, this one utilizes fitness tubing, the elastic bands that provide resistance. Golfers can work their core muscles with the Tubing Side Rotation.

Single Cone Leg Reach

Leg reach


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The Single Cone Leg Reach is an exercise that can help golfers develop their balance, and balance is very important in the golf swing.

Pre-Impact Single Arm Tubing Drill

single arm resistance training


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Here's another drill using fitness tubing. The title says it all: This exercise works one arm at a time, and targets the part of the golf swing just prior to impact. Golfers can add strength and - maybe - yards with this drill.