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How to Correct a Slice

correcting a slice video

Many golfers slice their entire lives without realizing that by making a few simple adjustments to their swing, it can be easily corrected. Try these tips to correct your slice.

How to Correct a Hook

correcting a hook instruction video

The hook is a common shot missed in golf. If you understand the factors that cause a hook and make a few adjustments to your swing, it can be easily corrected. See how it's done.

Correct Ball Position at Setup

ball position at setup video

Impact is the moment of truth in golf, so placing the ball in the correct position in your stance is critical to arriving at the correct impact position. Improve your ball striking with these tips.

Correct Golf Posture

golf posture video

Correct posture plays a vital roll in golf, putting you in position for balanced, powerful, and consistent ball striking. See some tips for correcting and perfecting your posture.

Chipping from a Good Lie

chipping lesson video

A chip shot is used when the ball lies next to the green, and your goal is to get it into the hole in one or two strokes. Learn how to execute a chip shot using the ideal stance, grip, and swing.

The Sources of Power in the Golf Swing

Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. But before you can do that, you need to understand the power sources within the golf swing. Here's a look at those power sources, plus a drill that can help you develop yours.

Chipping from Taller Grass

You won't always be chipping from the fringe, of course. Often we are faced with chips shots a little farther off the green, where the grass is taller. This video address how to chip from those lies.

Bunker Basics

Bunker Basics

This video describes the basics of playing out of greenside sand bunkers, plus demonstrates how to handle a plugged lie and also hitting from a fairway bunker.

Three Ways to Hit a Draw

Draw Shot

Want to hit a draw shot? There are three ways to cause the golf ball to draw. This clip talks about those three methods.

Three Ways to Hit a Fade

A fade is the opposite of a draw, so it's no surprise that the suggestions in this clip are the opposite of the suggestions in the draw video listed above.

Causes of a Push Shot

Causes of a Push Video

What causes a push shot, and how can a golfer who is hitting a push correct it? Instructor Todd Kolb goes over the causes and corrections.

Causes of a Pull Shot

Pull Shot Video

This video includes information about the mis-hit known as the pull shot, including how to recognize one and some suggestions on correcting a pull.

5 Basics That Can Help Maximize Your Distance

5 Distance Tips Video

There are simple things every golfer can do in his or her grip and swing that can help you maximize your distance. This video talks about five of them.

How to Find Your Ideal Backswing Position (Swing Length)

What is the ideal length of your backswing? Does it have to be parallel? Is it OK to go beyond parallel, or for your backswing to stop short of parallel? Instructor Mike Adams explains how to determine the length of swing that best fits your abilities.

How to Play from Uneven Lies

Uphill, downhill and sidehill lies - how does the golfer adjust his approach for these situations?

Uneven Lies on Pitch Shots

Uneven Lies

Your ball is close to the green, in a position from which you'll be hitting one of your wedges. But your ball is sitting in a downhill lie. Or maybe an uphill or sidehill lie. What adjustments do you need to make for such uneven lies on pitch shots?

Tips for Practicing Your Short Game

Short Game Practice

If you want to improve your short game, you need to practice shots on and around the green. This video goes over some good ways to practice both chips and putts.

Playing the Chip-and-Run

Chip and Run Video

Here are several keys to playing the chip-and-run, a shot around the green in which the golf ball spends only a little time in the air before rolling out toward the cup.

Putting Basics

Some of the basics of putting include setting up with your shoulders level and the golf ball below your lead eye. This clip touches on those and several other putting basics.

Use Rhythm to Improve Putting Stroke

Putting Rhythm Video

If you struggle with distance putting, adding some rhythm to your stroke can help improve your results.

3 Great Putting Drills

Three Great Putting Drills Video

These three putting drills can help you work on keeping the clubface square, keeping your body steady through the stroke and improving distance control on the greens.

Reading Break on the Putting Green

Reading Break on the Putting Green

What are the basic actions a golfer should take to get a good read on his putt? Here are a few fundamentals of reading break on the putting green.

The Cross-Handed Putting Grip

Crosshanded Putting Video

Golfers who struggle with a conventional putting grip have several alternative styles of putting to try. One is putting cross-handed, also known as "left-hand low." Here is a look at that style of putting.

The Claw Grip for Putting

Claw Grip for Putting

What is the claw grip? It's an alternative way of holding the putter. If you struggle with a conventional putter grip, the claw might be worth trying.

When to Putt, Chip or Pitch Around the Green

Putt Chip or Pitch around Green

Your golf ball is just off the green. Should you putt it, chip it or pitch it toward the flagstick? Here is a look at those options.

Trouble Shots in Bunkers: Uneven Lies

Uneven Bunker Lies Video

How do you play out of sand when your golf ball is on an upslope, a downslope, or a sideslope? This video on bunker trouble shots focuses on uneven lies.

Basics of the Pitch Shot

Pitch Shot Basics Video

How do you play a pitch shot? This video goes over the basics of this shot, including set-up position, ball position and club selection.

Getting the Most Out of Your Driving Range Practice

Driving Range Video

Not all driving range sessions are created equal. Golfers who use their bucket of balls to practice the right way will get more benefit from the activity. Here are some tips to make your time on the practice range pay off.

5 Stretches for a Quick Warm-up

Five Quick Stretches Video

It's best for your score if you arrive at a golf course early, do some stretching, hit some golf balls on the range, practice your putting stroke on the practice green. But that's not always possible. If you have little time to spare before teeing off, you can still do these five stretches to help get warmed up for the round.

Tips for Playing Golf on Windy Days

Playing in Wind Video

Windy conditions present challenges for golfers, but there are ways you can adjust. This video provides tips for playing shots into a headwind, with the wind, or through a crosswind.

Tips for Playing Golf in the Rain

Playing Golf in Rain Video

As long as there's no lightning around, you might choose to play golf even if it's raining. But those wet conditions present some challenges, especially in the area of equipment. This video offers tips on how to get the most out of a rainy round of golf.

Clubface Positions: Square, Open and Closed

Clubface Positions - square, open and closed
© Golf

The position of the clubface at impact with the golf ball has the biggest effect on where the ball goes. The desired position is called "square," but the face of your club might be in an "open" or "closed" position. Here's what those terms means.

What Is An Open Stance?

Open Stance Video

An "open stance" is a way of setting up to the golf ball that is desirable in some circumstances, but not in others.

What Is a Closed Stance?

Closed Stance Video

A closed stance is an important position to use for hitting certain shots. Here is an explanation of what a closed stance is.

What Is a Square Stance?

Square Stance Video

This clip takes a look at the square stance position and its effect on ball flight.

5 Common Problems With the Grip

Five Common Grip Problems Video

The grip is one of the most fundamental of the golf fundamentals - it is the golfer's connection to the club. So it's no surprise that grip problems can create major issues for golfers in ballflight. Here are five of the most common issues with the grip that golf instructors see among recreational golfers.

What Is the Neutral Grip?

Neutral Grip

When teaching pros teach golfers the proper way to hold the golf club, they start by setting the golfer's hands in what is called the neutral position. This "neutral grip" is the standard starting point for holding onto and swinging a golf club.

Strong and Weak Grips

Strong and Weak Grips

The Neutral Grip video showed us what can be thought of as a standard grip. This video shows up two different positions in which the hands of the golfer are rotated out of the neutral position. Those grips are known as the strong and weak grips.

The Fundamentals of the Golf Swing

Man hitting a ball on the golf course.
Jordan Siemens / Digital Vision / Getty Images

If you want to produce better golf shots, you must first understand the concept of the basic swing. Watch this overview of golf swing fundamentals to get an understanding of those basics.

How to Grip the Golf Club

Lead-Hand Golf Grip
Your lead hand (top hand) should grip the golf club in the fingers, not the palm, with the "V" (right image) of your thumb and forefinger pointing to your back shoulder at address. Photo by Kelly Lamanna

The way you hold onto the golf club in the swing is your grip, and if you want to hit straight, long shots, you must grip the club properly. In this video, you'll learn how to properly position each of your hands on the grip of the club, and how much pressure to apply.

Driver Fundamentals: Hitting Long, Straight Drives

The drive is one of golf's most important shots, and if you follow these driving basics you can hit the ball both long and straight.