6 Good Places To Find Humor Erotica On The Web (SFW - Really!)

Hubba Hubba! Get yo' freak on with these hilarious naked humor sites.

Via World of Longmire.

We get sensual with some naughty no-nos. We get grins with some laughable sins. We get traffic with some blatant selling out. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Looking for some good laughs featuring everybody's favorite thing, naked people? Of course you are, you big perv. Well today is your lucky day, because we've compiled a list of the best pages to find funny but clean T&A on the web. No, we're not talking about blatant p-o-r-n or anything like that.

After all, in today's day and age you can't swing a strap-on without finding people doing the deed online. Nope; this is some relatively clean smut that is fun for the whole family!*

*Okay, not really, but still, these aren't pornographic websites. There's still going to be some nudity so some of the images on this site are NSFW (duh), but for the most part they're not too dirty. Check 'em out!

1. World of Longmire: Longmire Does Romance Novels

There are some truly outrageous romance novel covers out there, but none are as funny as the spoof covers created by Mark Longmire on his erotica novel cover page! Some of these images were made and submitted by Longmire's readers, others were made by the graphic artist himself; all are really, truly laugh out loud funny! Check them out here.

2. Naked News

Since 1999, the "program with nothing to hide" has been taking it all off while delivering the nightly news to horny but well-informed people everywhere.

Click here to read an overview of Naked News by former Web Humor Expert Lukas Kaiser. 

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3. The Chive's Naked Page

The Chive has put together a fun list of dirty (but not too dirty) and very funny pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Check them out here.

4. CollegeHumor's Naked Page

Looking for funny pics, gifs, and videos of stuff like naked ping pong, naked neighbors who refuse to put some clothes on, naked waitresses and more. Go to there.

5. PopSugar's Naked Page

More good stuff from the funny folks over at PopSugar. Go for the video of the guy losing his shorts while waterskiing, stay for the old flabby guy streaking at the ball game. Click here to check them out.

6.Naked Humor on Funny Or Die

The always awesome Funny Or Die has a nekkid humor page too, which naturally features naked humor videos, pictures, and articles. Find it here.

So there you have it! All the smut you can stand. I hope you've enjoyed this trip down mammary lane as much as I have. It's just good clean fun, after all! 

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This article was edited by Beverly Jenkins on October 20, 2015.