Google has Number Sense

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Using Search as a quick calculator

 Have you ever fumbled around looking for a handheld calculator or had to jump around open windows on your computer as you needed to calculate something based on information at hand?  Well apparently someone in the great google has had the same issue and saw an opportunity to add a calculator feature to the search capabilities of the engine.  So let's learn about using Google as our math helper.

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Try it yourself - Step 1.

 Open up a browser page in google.  In the search form field type in an example math calculation. Let's say you need to calculate fuel usage when your rental car gave you the number as 13.1 liters per 100 kms.  
Step 1 -  we need to figure out how many US gallons are in 13.1 liters. type in 13.1 liters to US gallons.  ( see image above ).  Voila,  not only has Google given you the conversion but it has made the calculation for you.  

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Try it yourself - Step 2.

Now know that our rental used 3.460654 US gallons to drive 100 kms. That is nice but I want to know miles per gallon so we need to convert the distance of 100 kilometers to miles. So let's ask Google Math to do this for us.  Type in 100 kilometers to miles and ( see image) Google can't even wait for you to finish before you have your answer!  100 kilometers is equal to 62.1371 miles 

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Try it yourself - Step 3.

 We now have the following facts :  we drove 62.1371 miles on 3.460654 gallons of gas. 
So to determine our miles per gallon, we need to work out how far we would go on 1 gallon of gas at this rate. In other words,  62.1371 divided by 3.460654.  I am sure Google would be happy to assist so lets type this in and see our answer. ( see image ).  Well there we go. Our rental car averaged almost 18 miles to the gallon. Not as good as promised on the vehicle, but can't say that about Google as a math assistant. We have only touched on the math help as terms such as sqrt are available so working with triangle calculations are a breeze.  Try it . Type in sqrt(64) and the answer is 8.