goSikh Kids Gurmukhi Alphabet Blocks and Letter Board: Review

Punjabi Language Learning Aids

It is vital for every Sikh to be able to read the Gurmukhi script in which Sikh scriptures and prayers are written. Learning to recognize the Gurmukhi (Punjabi language) alphabet is an important first step in learning to read Gurbani. The goSikh online shop for kids offers early learning resources in the shape of Gurmukhi alphabet blocks and a wall hanging letter board. These important early learning tools for childhood development are a fun way for families to learn together. Gurmukhi alphabet blocks and board are not just for babies. Anyone of any age wanting to learn Gurmukhi Akhar can benefit from these unique Gurmukhi learning aids.

goSikh 35 Akhar Gurmukhi Letter Board
goSikh 35 Akhar Gurmukhi Letter Board. Photo © [S Khalsa]

The goSikh Gurmukhi letter board is a black wall hanging embroidered with brightly colored bold letters in red, turquoise, orange, green and yellow. The black fabric is a sturdy, silky, sateen cotton and is lined with a black cotton backing. Black narrow zigzag stitching divides the wall hanging into 3 inch square sections, each of which is embroidered with one of 35 Akhar, or consonants of the Gurmukhi and Punjabi alphabet. Individual letter are approximately 1 1/2 inches square. Letters are arranged in rows of five across and seven down. Colors form a diagonal pattern. The wall hanging measures 16 inches wide by 21 inches in length, and has two 3 inch loops of 1/8 inch soft silken rope attached at the top, about 3 1/2 inches in from either side.

Also available from goSikh: Punjabi Alphabets Wall: 35 individual Gurmukhi characters embroideries on a variety of colored squares with loop for hanging.

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goSikh Gurmukhi Blocks (Punjabi Cubes)
goSikh Gurmukhi Blocks (Punjabi Cubes). Photo © [S Khalsa]

The goSikh Gurmukhi alphabet blocks (Punjabi Cubes) are a soft velveteen cotton cube filled with synthetic foam. Blocks are composed of 2 1/2 inch square panels in six colors, white, yellow, orange red, green and blue which puff out to measure about 3 inches square. Panels are embroidered with Gurmukhi consonants. Individual letters measure about 3/4 on an inch square and are embroidered on to panels in contrasting colors. Blocks come in sets of 40 characters on seven cubes. Six cubes have panels embroidered with the 35 Akhar Gurmukhi consonants and one goSikh emblem. A seventh cube has panels embroidered with the five paireen bindi, or Punjabi auxiliary consonants with subscript dot, and one Khanda symbol.

Alphabet blocks are also available from goSikh in other languages including:

  • English Alphabet 26 letters on 5 Cubes
  • Gujrati Alphabet 36 characters on 6 Cubes
  • Hindi Alphabet 36 characters on 7 Cubes

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Gurmukhi Number Blocks
Gurmukhi Number Blocks. Photo © [Courtesy goSikh]

The goSikh Gurmukhi number blocks have the same soft velvet and foam composition as alphabet blocks. Two number blocks are embroidered with individual Gurmukhi numerals one through nine, and zero, as well as the goSikh emblem and a smiley face, in contrasting colors on cube panels. More »

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