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The goSikh online shop is based in California, USA. The owner Guru Singh is committed to seva and providing turbans, clothing, accessories, and other necessary items to fellow Sikhs. Go Sikh offers quality items at a competitive price, with reasonable and reliable shipping. Guri Singh donates a portion of proceeds to various fundraisers and charities.

goSikh Turban and Kurti
goSikh Turban and Kurti. Photo © [Courtesy Wave Street Studios / GoSikh.com]

Turbans are required wear for devout Sikhs and are imported from India.

goSikh is an online turban shop which offers a rainbow of turban cloth by the meter woven exclusively for turban wear:

  • 100% Cotton Voile - lightweight open weave.
  • Rubia - high thread count medium weight.
  • F 74 - high quality lightweight.
  • Silk.

Turbans are offered in prints and solid colors suitable for both Singh and Kaur with several shades available in each category. goSikh is introducing a line of Natural turbans which are made from organic cotton and free of bleach and toxic chemical dyes.

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    goSikh Turban Worn With Cream Chunni and Embroidered Kurti
    goSikh Turban Worn With Cream Chunni and Embroidered Kurti. Photo © [Courtesy Wave Street Studios / GoSikh.com]

    The Chunni is a sheer scarf worn by Sikh women with or without a turban. The Chunni is worn with a type of traditional attire known as salvar kamees, a garment with long tunic style top and loose pant. The solid color chunni usually either matches or contrasts with the colors of the outfit that it is worn with. goSikh online shop offers their chunni in a rainbow pallet of solid colors including pastels, cream, and white. Non slip chunnis are available in both Chiffon and Georgette 100% polyester fabric. More »

    goSikh Embroidered Cotton Kurti

    goSikh Embroidered Cotton Kurti With Laser Cut Bamboo Khanda Pendant
    goSikh Embroidered Cotton Kurti With Laser Cut Bamboo Khanda Pendant. Photo © [S Khalsa / Courtesy goSikh]

    Embroidered Cotton Kurti For Women

    goSikh online shop offers a comfortable woven cotton, Kurti that is designed with the Sikh woman in mind. The embroidered, long sleeve top is available in several colors and sizes. The simple embroidered Kurti can be worn with a skirt, slacks, drawstring pajama type pant, or jeans. The simplicity of the modest design also makes the Kurti appropriate for meditation, active wear, or to go out about town.

    Cotton Kurti For Men

    goSikh offers a simple plain white Kurti for men in two styles. Men's Kurtis are available in a short half sleeve or full sleeve.

    goSikh Turbans and T Shirts Go Anywhere
    goSikh Turbans and T Shirts Go Anywhere. Photo © [Courtesy Wave Street Studios / GoSikh.com]

    Go Sikh online shop offers casual wear and carries a variety of soft  100% cotton T-Shirts. The active wear T-shirts are available in a variety of colors. T-shirts come embellished with the words "Satnam" in six languages and corresponding script. More »

    goSikh Kachhera Personal Undergarment Required Article of Faith

    GoSikh Ladies Kachhera
    GoSikh Ladies Kachhera. Photo © [S Khalsa]

    goSikh offers a simple white kachhera, the Sikh personal undergarment that by decree of the Sikhism code of conduct is required wear for all Sikh males. The kachhera is one of 5 K's that is also mandated wear for every initiated Sikh whether men or women. The goSikh kachhera can be ordered online only from within the United states.

    goSikh Package Set
    goSikh Package Set. Photo © [Courtesy goSikh]

    goSikh Gurmukhi alphabet blocks and number blocks and alphabet board are not just for kids. Anyone of any age can learn the Gurmukhi script while having while having fun playing with plush embroidered blocks and the soft fabric wall hanging. Play a game of toss and catch. You're up. What's your Gurmukhi number or Gurmukhi letter? Can you match your Gurmukhi alphabet block to the Gurmukhi alphabet board?

    goSikh also offers storybooks and games:

    • the story of the winding red dastar.
    • Let's Learn Punjabi Jigsaw, a very challenging 40 piece puzzle game even for adults.

    Disclosure: Review samples were provided by Go Sikh. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy. More »

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