Grade School Science Fair Project Ideas

Readers Share Their Best Science Project Ideas

Grade school science fair projects can be demonstrations, experiments, or inventions.
Grade school science fair projects can be demonstrations, experiments, or inventions. Blend Images/Ariel Skelley, Getty Images

Do you need a great idea for a science fair project? This is a collection of grade school science fair project ideas submitted by readers:

Lemons & Batteries

Can you use a lemon, wire, and a a human to test it on to make a battery using their saliva? If so, how does it work? Results -yes, you can make an electric shock.

— Jordan Kasulas


How long does it take different types of food to grow mold? Why? Do the ingredients affect how fast it grows mold?

— Jordan Kasulas

Can You Prevent Dust?

Dust one half of a dusty table with a damp cloth. Dust the other half of the table using a product meant to remove and help prevent dust. Compare the appearance of the table after time. Do both sides of the table get dusty at the same rate?


Which Diaper brand holds the most water?

Get different diaper brands like Pampers,Huggies, Pull-Ups, etc. Fill in about 3 cups of water and which ever leaks the least is the diaper that can hold the most water!! x]

— Wait Meh

Can you change a chick's colors?

Yes you can, if you put dye in the egg after Day 18 the chicks come out all sorts of colors. This one has won school and District science fair as well.

— Dylan

Do Pigs stink?

This project has won my school and District Science fairs. I took two pigs. One I let get as dirty as it wanted rolling in mud and gunk. The other one I kept washed and in a very clean pen. After several weeks I rubbed a rag on both and determined, No they dont have sweat glands..So it's the poop and pee that stinks.

— Dylan

creating bubble

I use baking soda, water, and salt. You're supposed to measure them and see which one can bubble more and wait till 5 seconds and shake it then the bubbles come up.

— tania

do cooked beans grow!

Do cooked beans grow? This project is great, so try it and see if you like it.

—Guest tresure

Does color affect melting?

Take like about 3 different colored ice-cubes (color them with food coloring) and put them in 3 cups of water. Put all 3 cups outside in the heat or inside your house and record your data on which one melts fastest or slowest.

— Mika


What kind of gum will blow the biggest bubble after chewing for 2 minutes?


Rain or tap.

Okay get some rain water and tap water and start to grow some plants and see which has a greater effect on the plant.

— Only the one


Get beans and try them in different liquids and see which bean with liquid grows more roots.

— y family


Place one cup of water with salt and one cup without salt. Put an egg in each one. Which one sinks, which one rises?

— fart man 2

fruits!!!! o my

Will fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer if they are in or out of the refrigerator?

— lily


Get your mom or dad to buy one white candle and a red candle (you can buy any color) and see which burns faster.

— nikki

which type of popcorn pops faster?

act2 or pop secret? It's a really fun experiment. Try it!

— leia209

soggy potatoes

You have two potatoes and one goes in a cup of water and the other one goes in a cup of water with salt. You see which one gets soggier. It's very easy and FUN!

— shoppa loppa ding dong


You take as many different kinds of popcorn as you like, then see which popcorn pops the most!!!:)

— awesome me!!:)

my paper towel is better then yours

You get 5 different brands of paper towels and see how much water it can hold, once it breaks then thats the end of that one. My friend and I did it twice for all the paper towels because we wanted to make sure. Thank you for reading my project.

— keely

color changing flowers

Get a white flower (best if dry). Put it in a vase without water. Pour water and food coloring. Wait a day or two. It will be a different color.

— shadow the hedgehog

Battery Toy

Take one toy that needs batteries and use Energizer batteries first and the second time use something else like Kodak. Time each use of the toy with each brand of batteries. Try to find out which battery works longer. Problem Statement: Which battery makes the toy work longer?



You could maybe gather a few candles during cold weather, Place one inside, and one somewhere niether cold nor warm, and see which one burns out faster or which one burns the candle completely faster.

— Salem

Decaying Teeth

Put fake teeth into a Coke can, a Pepsi can and a Mountain Dew can. See which one decays the teeth faster.

— becky

stop the rot

Which preservative keeps apples freshest the longest: salt, water, air? Air is the perservative that keeps the apple fresh the longest.

— cheermonkey

Can oil control the evaporation of water

I did this 4-7th grade. It is so easy. All you do is take 4 containers of water and put 10 drops of oil in the first one, 6 in the second one, 4 in the third one and 0 in the fourth one and record how much evaporation occurs in each container over 5 days.

— you only wish you knew

grass grows well

Take one type of grass. Put 5 of those seeds in one pot. Do the same thing to other pot. Put one pot in an extremely bright window. Put the other pot in front of a cold window sill. Check your results every 2 days. Record the results.

— farting is awesome

sensitivity smell

Do people have the same sensitivity to smell? Place people at one end of a room. Have another person open a scent, such as lemon oil or vinegar. Have your test subjects write down what they smell and what time they smelled it. Is the time the same for different scents? Does it matter whether the test subject was male or female?

— jamie


Can you teach an old dog a new trick - it and find out!

— I AM KELSEY!!!!!

Marigolds of Juice Soda Milk and Water

Get a small package of marigold seeds and put them in the same size pots and same amount of soil and same amount of sun. Now enter 1 cup of water in the first marigold pot, label it A.Then put 1 cup of soda in plant B.After that put 1 cup of milk in plant C.Finally put 1 cup of juice in plant D.Record your data of your conclusions...then repeat the project several more times until you find which plant (A,B,C,and D) has grown the largest and healthiest.

— Ann

grow Grow GROW

Which grass seed grows the fastest??? (Please put this science fair project into your own words. Thanks)

— Mary


Get sugar and a balloon. Take the balloon and rub it on the wall, then take a plate and put sugar on it. Rub the balloon 10 times on the wall, then lay it on the sugar and see if the sugar is going to stick to the balloon.



does tap water freeze faster than salt water??-yes tap water does cause salt water takes longer to freeze cause it has salt i it.

— Karma


does the placement of the hoops affect the distance a hoop glider will travel

— shadow6452103

simple project

which type of object is heavier? Use three different types of object and drop them. See which drops faster

— trewimage

gum galore

buy 3 packs of mint gum have 3 people chew the gum for 5 min then take their temperature to see if the mint changes the temperature of their mouth

— @#$%!^ *

H or C? Soda Carbonation

You have to open 2 sodas and put one in the freezer and put one outside and then u c which is fizziest

— fluffybunnyishappy

SOCKS !!!!!!!

After what kind of workout what kinds of socks give blisters. I did this and got 1rst place in the international science fair plus it's simple and easy.

— jmdofns

Does temperature affect freezing levels?

Yes, because the ice water would have a lower freezing point than hot water!

— Guest


Which age is stressed out the most? Get a teen and a grownup and interview them both. Then find out which one gets stressed more!

— hi :)


This science experiment is fun, edible and easy. You just take several kinds of popcorn and see what popcorn pops the most kernels.

— coutney

Do cooked beans grow?

Do cooked beans grow? No, they don`t because they are boiled and the cells are dead.

— trevor


A collection and classification of seashells with a report.

— ***Sam***

Who listens in class the boys or girls?

Well you first see who studies in class. For example if one of girls pays attention in class you put down a point and the same goes for the boys. After you have your data then you can see if the boys or girls pay more attention!

— Blanca Quiroz Marin

Egg In A Bottle

This is fun and very easy. :) You will need a milk bottle,a hard-boiled egg, a piece of paper, and matches. Light a peice of paper with a match and drop the paper in the bottle.put the egg quickly on the top of the bottle. Then plop! The egg falls inside. If you want to get the egg out rinse inside the bottle. Put the bottle upside down and blow into it hard. Move your face after. Have fun!!!! ;)

— Someone

what type of chocolate melts faster

What type of chocolate melts faster? This is simply fun for only 2 reasons: 1 you get to eat the chocolate sauce and 2 because it will get you a a+(hons). This is so fun and yum seriously try it you'll get the bast results ever...

— tayla

pop go the kernels!

Which brand of popcorn pops and leaves the fewest amount of not popped kernels: popsecret, act 2,or orville redanbacher?

— cutie pie

fried egg

You put an egg on the sidewalk and see if it fries!!!

— sarah

Magnetic Fields

How big is the magnetic field for a refrigerator magnet?

— Sahil Mehta

Different types of Bridges

Find different types of bridges on google then build a popsicle bridge

— Kylie

My idea

Get different brands of napkins and soak them with 20 drips then see which one soaks more and which one didn't.

— WOW!


try this and see in what temp does yeast work best 1:make bread dough with yeast. 2: put an equal amount of dough in same size bowls. 3: put them in different temp. 4:measure them every 30 min.

— sammy




human behavior

How does lack of sleep affect human behavior?

— jadeeeee

What protects an egg the most?

Get different things to make a nest or holder type thing and drop it from a high distance. See what protects it and what doesn't :)

— PaTiEnCe_NiCoLe


lay out food in front of an athill and see which food ants like more.

— 1234

Liquids and plants

Water 3 of the same plant with 3 different liquids (you choose the liquids) which one grows better (use water :)

— sciencenerd222

ice cubes

my friend and i tested which drink (apple juice, water, sprite and gatorade) would melt an ice cube the fastest. My friend and i made it to the regional science fair and we got 2nd. It's pretty simple but remember to keep a log book.!


How To Take Care Of A Egg

Help The Egg As If You Were A Mother Or Father. After 3 Weeks You Take The Egg With You Every Where You Go. Start To Ask & Test The Reactions Of A Male Holding An Egg Or The Female. Then Make A Chart On How People Act. Then Finally Make A Hypothesis Before This Process To See If You're Right

— Reinaldo


Ok well If your reading this your looking for a science Project well this is a GREAT one to do its Fun and Yummy :) This is what you do 1. u buy 5 different Types of icecream And test what one Melts the fastest You can see if The chocolate Chunks or the cookie dough Change the Affect 2. Write the Test Things Down after a hour or 2 and take pics that helps them now what your atlking about... lol. 3. that's about it ohh ya then you eat it :) This is real fun to do with a Partner !!!! I hope this helped :)

— Micaela

my idea

Can you use pumice as flooring in flooded areas, doghouses?

— jordan kasulas

glow water

take tonic water and a black light and you have a cool glow drink

— kitty

8th grade project idea

me and my friend are doing our science fair project on if the music you listen to before you go to bed affects your dreams! (:

— Sami

Gum Flavor

I am going to do a gum flavor project! I AM Gonna C Which 1 Has LONG LASTING FLAVOR!

— Caitlyn

bread molding

easy fun a+ every time first get a bunch of different types of bread wheat, white, rye, whatever put each in plastic bag watch

— katie

Light things on fire

Light different things on fire and see which one takes the most damage. EXAMPLE MATERIALS: Trees, houses, people, plants, animals, food, & soda

— Ami

txt plus drive

do three different things in this: txt plus drive,speaker phone +drive, and regular phone +drive

— joshua

Which fabric burns the fastest!

pick five or whatever different types of fabrics and burn them to see wich one burns faster by recording the type of each fabric and be careful have a parent when you do this with you!

— mari


get four plants put one in total darkness one in alot of sunshine and one with alot of water and one with no water

— itz hayley

water time!!!

me and my friend had to do a clock using water it was very simple all you need is a friend water and paper cups

— bubbles

Fish Food

Put dead shrimp into a container and alive shrimp in the other and see which shrimp the fish luvs better

— Grace

What is heavier water or blood?

First put some water in a cup and some blood in a cup,then pour the blood in the cup with the water and see if the blood will sink or float. If the blood sinks that means that water is heaver than blood and if the blood floats that means that blood is heaver than water.

— Ryian

Special Gum

Get any kind of gum get at least 2-4 packs of gum and let as much people as you want and take their temperature before they eat the gum wait for a minute then take their temperature and see if it's HOT COLD OR NORMAL



Do cuckoo clocks sound different if they are the different sizes?

— Jasmine

6th grade project idea

i did a project on the skeletal system and why do animals need bones ? but if you like animals like me and your an animal freak you should try it and i actually got 1st place in this project !

— Brianna . T

Freeze It!

Take four Philadelphia Cream Cheese containers (and make sure they're empty) and fill them up each with orange juice, apple cider, water, and olive oil. See which one freezes fastest. Check every fifteen minutes and change the temperature once you found out how fast it took for them to freeze.

— Sailormoonfan

Plop, Plop, Fizz Fast

See what temperature an Alka - Seltzer fizzes longest. Go to science buddies for more info.

— no name


First make chalk lines on a wall to measure how high the soda goes and put the same type of mentos in both one soda diet coke and the other reg. coke which goes higher?

— Science fair got an A


does the kind of paper a boat is made from affect its length of floating

— me

What structure will hold a tower better?

It can be straws, toothpicks or even wood rods. And the tower can be made of clay or paper or even cardboard too.

— Nayeli

Does your smell affect your taste?

Have someone plug there nose and eat something. Can they taste it?

— The Beast

May the strongest win!

see which elmers glue is the strongest. i won 3rd place last year doing this one.

— Kaitlynn Wilson


The effect of temperature on how long soap bubbles last.

— Mackenz

Water with stain

Tee shirts, marker, water: See if cool water or warm water stains best.

— Shakivikiou

Laundry Detergent

Is laundry detergent as effective if you use less than the recommended amount? More?

— Nicole

Makeup Qualities

Take a nice brand of makeup (it can be mascara, eye shadow or blush) then get the same kind of makeup at a drugstore (basically any store that sells makeup!) and try out both of the makeups on your mom, your guardian, sister(s), or your self! and then see which make up is a better quality!! [this science project is a good excuse to get new makeup: )]

— ~No Name Listed~

sinking and floating

use sodas and diet sodas and see which one floats or sinks trust me it is awsome i am a 6 grader trust me ppl out their looking for project ideas that are middle schoolers peace out my science buddies bye bye xoxoxo

— vere

Lemon or Lime

You can see whether a lemon or lime can turn on a light. You can Attach some wires (thin wires) and cut the lemon or lime together to see whether the lime or lemon turns on the light

— flowers

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