Grandfather Watches from the Afterlife

Brianna believes that her dearly departed grandfather watches over her, and is given further proof after an accident

Growing up as a child, I was very close with my grandfather, John. We had lots of good memories together. Sadly, when I was six my grandfather got really sick and later died on Christmas Eve. I remember my father, Presley, and my mother, Tanna, told my sisters and me that my grandfather had passed.

When I heard the news, it messed up my whole Christmas.

I could not understand why it happened. I was very young, so I got angry with the Lord and asked him why he took my grandfather.

The next day I was in my room watching TV when I heard someone whisper my name. I've always been a weird kid and didn't ever really believe in spirits, so when I heard someone call my name I got up and walked all around my room to make sure it wasn't my sisters trying to play with me. So I looked around, went outside my room as well, but there was nobody to be seen anywhere.

About three hours later, I was getting dressed to go outside with my friends when I heard it again, but this time it kinda stretched my name out like, "Briiaannaa...." So then I was kinda frightened because I knew my sisters were already outside playing and my mom and dad were across the street having a party with the neighbors.

I answered, "Yes?" I didn't get an answer, but I felt as if someone was standing behind me.

I turned around very fast and saw something I can't really explain. It was like a little glowing ball of light with the figure of a human, so I automatically thought in my head, Grandpa?

I stared at it for bout 15 seconds, trying to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Finally I said to it, "Who are you?" I had a picture of me and my grandfather on my TV stand, and right when I asked the question, the picture fell!

I turned my head to see the picture of us on the floor then turned back to look at the figure, but it disappeared.

I was thinking maybe I was imagining it, so I finished getting dressed and headed outside. When I was outside playing, it was getting dark, so I had to go inside at about 10 p.m.

I was in bed asleep when I was awakened by three knocks. I opened my door thinking it was my dad or mom knocking at my door, but when I opened it there was nobody there.

About seven years later I was in a car crash with my mom. Our truck was hit by another truck and we flipped over five times and landed in a ditch. I hit my head against the dashboard and was knocked out. Right then I had flashbacks to all the things that happened when I was six -- the things that I just explained to you.

It was showing me that it was my grandfather that was with me, trying to communicate with me. After that I woke up when our truck stopped flipping, and when we got put into the ambulance the guy was talking to me, asking me how I felt. I told him my feet were cold. I kept saying that -- and when I looked down I saw my grandfather standing over the man that was helping me. He smiled at me and told me, "Everything will be okay."

From that day on to today, years later, I believe in the afterlife and I believe that what I saw was real. I've never shared my story with my parents or my sisters because I was afraid of what they might say, but I wanted to let the world know that the afterlife is real.

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