Grandparents Day

Bring Sunshine in the Life of Your Old Folks on Grandparents Day

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Why Grandparents Are So Special
As a little girl, Grandpa was my real-life Santa Claus and Grandma was the best cook in the world. They pampered me silly, while I marveled at the innumerable creases on their skin. They taught me to be strong, dependable, and trustworthy. Sadly, they are no longer around. But their memories gives me strength. Whenever Grandparents Day comes around, I find myself reliving the memories.
African-American writer Alex Haley has rightly said, "Nobody can do for little children what grandparents do. Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust over the lives of little children."

When Is Grandparents Day?
Unlike Father's Day and the ever-popular Mother's Day, Grandparents Day was instituted recently. The United States established National Grandparents Day in 1978. America celebrates Grandparents Day on the first Sunday after Labor Day in September. Many other countries like Australia, Canada, Estonia, Poland and Italy have joined the bandwagon. But do we really need a special day to express our love to our grandparents?

Grandparents Are the Unofficial Second Parents
A popular quote by Judith Levy goes, "When a child is born, so are grandmothers." Grandparenthood is just like parenthood with more perks and fewer responsibilities. Finally, here is a cute-as-a-button baby that they can spoil completely.
If the baby turns out to be a brat, the mother and father can take the blame. In many cases, grandparents are the child's secret accomplices.

Grandparents Have a Way With Children
Grandparents are always ready to indulge their grandkids. Kids hanker to be around their grandparents, and the grandparents love it.
Outwardly, they may complain about the kids' naughty antics. Secretly, they are indulgent of their pint-sized mischief-mongers. Do not expect your parents to play father or mother to your children. However, rest assured that your children are in safe hands.

Grandparents Always Have Time for Their Grandkids
The best thing about grandparents is that they are never too busy. Blame it on the boredom of post-retirement life, the absence of friends, or even geriatric problems that restrict movement. Most grandparents do not have to check their calendars before deigning to spend time with their lovable grandchildren. Sharing quality family time together is a non-issue with them around.

When Grandparents Live Far Away
For children whose grandparents live far away, the arrival of their favorite grandparents is nothing short of a festival. Granny usually brings along gifts and goodies for her grandkids and showers the little ones with loads of affection. Grandparents complete a family with their special touch of love and wisdom. As you sift through old family photographs, you will agree with this quote about family by George Santayana, "The family is one of nature's masterpieces."

Grandparents Make Holidays Special
Holidays without grandparents seem incomplete. Grandparents add a touch of magic to the celebrations. Through blurred vision, and slurred speech, granny weaves tales of mystery and magic to charm her young listeners. She brings alive the sepia-toned memories of yesteryears.

Christmas With Grandparents
Few things compare to a family Christmas. In the words of inspirational author Marjorie Holmes, "At Christmas, all roads lead home." Of course, it helps that your wannabe Santa Claus grandfather comes laden with a bagful of gifts and your grandmother has brought along your favorite Christmas pudding. But Christmas -- as well as birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, and New Year, would not be complete without the presence of grandparents.

Old Age and Grandparents
Grandparents have a major role to play in children's mental development. From the time the grandchild is born, grandparents mold the child's personality by passing on age-old values and traditions. Most parents don't have the time or energy to fulfill their child's emotional and spiritual development. That's where grandparents step in. Their input is crucial, as they have gained their wisdom through life's tough challenges. Take your grandparents' advice seriously; they understand life in greater depth than you can imagine.

Unfortunately, grandparents have a tough fight with age-related problems. Old age catches up sooner than you think. If you have lost your grandparents, you may find it difficult to cope with their death. If you have been extremely close to your grandparents, their demise could emotionally affect you. Read these death quotes for solace, and cherish the happy memories of your loving grandparents. Pray, so that their souls rest in peace and use the nuggets of wisdom they passed on to you.

Grandparents Pass on the Wisdom of the Ages
Besides being spiritual guides, grandparents are also your best buddies. Perhaps it is because they have already entered second childhood. Perhaps they have a lot of spare time. Nevertheless, they are more than just grandparents; they are your best friends, playmates, conversationalists, as well as protectors from your parents' wrath. They embody the tenets of friendship. In this case, the generation gap is never an obstacle.

Appreciate Your Grandparents
If your grandparents are hale and hearty, spend time caring for them. Don't hesitate to express your love. Celebrate your grandparents' 60th birthday with great fanfare. Let them bask in the warmth of your adulation.

Gift of Love for Our Wonderful Grandparents
Make them feel special on Grandparents Day. Slip in a special love message that expresses your thoughts. And when they are under the weather, sit by their bedside and share your dreams and achievements with them. Through your accomplishments, they find a purpose to live. Watch their eyes sparkle with pride.