Granny Returns for a Final Goodbye

William was very close to his grandmother and wasn't scared when she appeared to him after she died

This incident took place in North Little Rock, Arkansas. The year was 1957 and the month was November. I was 10 years old and my grandmother and I were really close. She would never let my parents get on to me about anything.

One night my parents woke me up and told me my granny had died. I thought they were talking about my great-grandmother because she was quite old, but then I realized they were talking about Mema, my name for her.

I was devastated. I went around for days depressed and then the funeral.

The night after the funeral I had gone to bed early when all of a sudden I was wide awake and at the foot of the bed stood my grandmother! She had on exactly what she wore at the funeral. I wasn't scared, she just stood there and looked at me for a moment, then she said, "Don't worry. I am fine." Then she was gone.

I lay there for a few minutes to see if she would come back. She didn't. I went back to sleep and thought the whole thing was just a dream, but then I smelled an aroma that smelled just like her perfume.

I called my mother to come in to my bedroom and ask if she smelled anything and she said, "Roses." And then I told her what happened. She said I dreamed it. I knew I hadn't and still today I will smell that aroma so I know it was real.

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