Grant Andrews/Grant Putnan

Grant Andrews/Grant Putnam (Brian Patrick Clarke)
The Two Grants: Andrews & Putnam (Brian Patrick Clarke). ABC, Inc.

The Spy Who Craved Me

Anna Devane has been the object of many mens' affections, many of whom were kooks. Add Grant Putnam to the list. The affable Brian Patrick Clarke played both Grant Putnam and Grant Andrews.

You know, when a man has a dog named Satan, it makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

This is one of the most confusing stories ever, so pay attention.

The Fake Grant Putnam Became Grant Andrews

Celia Quartermaine, a distant cousin of Edward Quartermaine's, was engaged to Grant Putnam.

He was presumed dead and replaced with a double, Andrei Chernin. His major assignment was to retrieve something called the Prometheus Disc.This was a small device that could have major implications on the energy industry. 

The disc disappeared and ended up with Luke Spencer. Seeing its value, Luke hid it in his club.

Andrews was supported by two other agents, a General Hospital worker and a pianist who were assigned to help him.

When it appeared that Luke had the disc, he and Holly were kidnapped. The couple figured out that Grant is a secret agent, and, knowing him as a friend, begged him to help them escape. He gave them some important clues and replaced the bullets in his gun with blanks. He ordered Luke and Holly to play dead when the pianist shot them.

Now exposed by Luke and Robert, Andrei left the DFX, for whom he worked, in exchange for the charges against him being dropped. He changed his name to Grant Andrews, and he and Celia married.

The Real Grant Putnam

Grant Putnam was not dead. Instead, he was in a British sanitarium. He escaped after killing the doctor who didn't think he was ready to leave the asylum yet. Turned out the one not leaving was the doctor. 

Grant had killed before, sort of -- he left his younger brother Ian to die in a skiing accident when they were both teenagers.

It was negligence anyway.

Grant went to Port Charles after the spy who had stolen his name and identity -- now known as Grant Andrews. 

Once Putnam hit town, he set up Andrews so that it looked like he was having an affair with Tania Roskov, thus threatening Andrews' marriage to Celia. 

Putnam's next move was to convince Celia that her husband was trying to kill her. Her testimony on that account put Andrews away for fifteen years.

With Andrews out of the way, Putnam went head to head with his big competition for Celia - Jimmie Lee Holt, yet another distant cousin of Celia's. Remember him, girls? NO CONTEST. Celia finally became suspicious of Putnam and traveled to England.

Putnam followed and tried to kill her, missing twice. That's how you know he was a true General Hospital character. Working with Robert Scorpio, Celia learned that the doctor Putnam killed had left an incriminating tape. Scorpio saved her as Putnam moved in for the kill.

In Love with Anna - So What Else is New?

Putnam was returned to a British asylum where, several years later, guess what? They decided he wasn't a menace to society and let him out again. It must be the water over there!

This time he went after Robert, kidnapping Anna (he really wanted Robin, but it didn't work out), killing Filomena Soltini and putting Anna in a chain-link prison guarded by his Doberman, Satan.

Putnam's ego did him in. He actually believed Anna wanted to seduce him; instead, she stabbed him. He became delirious from an infection and, walking the streets, landed in the hospital.

There he switched ID bracelets with a patient, kidnapped Anna AGAIN and headed for the Adirondacks, where he was finally stopped from falling off of a cliff by Robert. Not one of his smarter moves.

Hopefully, no doctor will decide Grant Putnam is ready to be released from an asylum ever again.

The End

Grant Andrews was released, and he and Celia resumed their relationship. Probably because of all that had happened, Grant was a too overly protective of Celia, and the marriage suffered.

In an attempt to impress his wife, Andrews stole the Aztec Treasure from Sean Donely, but Sean stole it back. Celia left Port Charles and returned to New York City and her family.

Grant worked with  Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, Frisco Jones, and Felicia Jones to bring Sean to justice.  In 1985, he went to Cairo, Egypt and did not return to Port Charles.

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